April 15, 2008

Spam comments… posted @11:40 am
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So I’ve been having a big problem with people’s comments being filtered as spam. First off, my hugest apologies. I love when people leave comments, and I really hate when I mess up. :(

Because of the rising spam problem, I’ve added two new defenses: yaCAPTCHA image verification and Akisment.

Whenever you decide to leave a comment, you’ll have to type in a number/letter sequence that will be displayed on an image. Very simple. :)

As for Akisment, it’s a background worker and is supposed to learn from it’s mistakes in filtering out spam.

Two comments were filtered from the previous post: one very nice one alerting me my Utada Hikaru link didn’t work, and the one I posted (o_O). Once again, I’m very sorry about that. Hopefully these new defenses will work out for us who keep getting filtered.

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