November 3, 2007

Request post #4 uploads posted @3:54 pm
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Requesting is still open!!! I am just uploading MP3s early for those who have already requested! :)

For Saiji-jii:

  • j - 8318.mp3
  • j - deep in the night.mp3
  • j - feel me.mp3
  • j - for ever.mp3
  • j - gah jang seul peun mal ~the saddest song~.mp3 (one of my absolute favourites…)
  • j - geu deh gga ji.mp3
  • j - me in me.mp3
  • j - muh ruh ji na yo.mp3
  • j - secret.mp3 (I never get tired of this song!)
  • j - uh jeh chuh rum ~just like yesterday~.mp3

For wintry:

  • plain white ts - hey there delilah.mp3
  • kelly clarkson - miss independent.mp3
  • perfume - polyrhythm (ポリリズム).mp3 (I really like this song! D: I haven’t heard many Japanese songs like this one… you don’t happen to know any other songs/artists like this one, do you?)


For diana:

  • daft punk - one more time.mp3
  • rooney - when did your heart go missing.mp3
  • various artists - janet jackson tribute - together again explicit.mp3 (I haven’t heard this song [or any of Janet’s songs] in such a long time that I’m not sure if this is the one you were looking for. Let me know if it’s not.)

edit 2:
For mina:

  • nelly - hot in herre.mp3
  • clazziquai project - color your soul.mp3
  • clazziquai project - cry out loud.mp3
  • seal - kiss from a rose.mp3 (eurgh, looks like I didn’t look over my tags enough. sorry about the “kiss from the rose” :S)

For wintry

  • jesse mccartney - beautiful soul.mp3
  •’s list of downloadable Perfume albums! (Instead of downloading and then uploading them all to zshare, I thought it would be best to share this link. :D)