June 16, 2007

Final Fantasy OST post posted @9:55 pm
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So I recently started replaying Final Fantasy VII and VIII after just finishing IX. Though I’ve completed all the games previously, I never used to admire the music as much I do now. That’s why I’ve decided to upload the following albums:

  • Final Fantasy VII OST: DISC 1/DISC 2/DISC 3/DISC 4
  • Final Fantasy VIII OST: PART 1/PART 2/PART 3/PART 4, Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec
  • Final Fantasy IX OST: DISC 1/DISC 2/DISC 3/DISC 4, OST Plus (includes songs composed differently from the OST), Melodies Of Life, Piano Collections, Uematsu’s Best Selection PART 1/PART 2

I’ve got some non-Final Fantasy related songs that I will upload tomorrow for you guys. :)