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11/14/2002 Entry: "5 day weekend"

i reinstalled greymatter cuz it was messed up b4.. but yea there was only a couple posts up and here they are:

monday, november 11, 2002 helped erickson clean.. n jus bummed.. and then got picked up and drove home. now i'm watching big fat liar on tv and we have spiderman on dvd.

sunday, november 10, 2002 bummed, and watched the movies and tv shows on channel 9 and then allen came and we went back to that baskin robbins/togo's/dunkin dounuts place and bought some drinks and then we went back to ate erika's house and we cooked breakfast for dinner (eggs, bacon, and hash browns) and ate that and then watched mr. deeds but fell asleep. slept over.

saturday, november 9, 2002 went to uncle edwin's house and then we went to see 8 mile at a theater near there.. it was a good movie.. and then afterwards we went cosmic mini golf. it was pretty cool.. but ionno. cosmic bowling might've been more fun. but yea.. then we went back to uncle edwin's and stayed there for a while and ate pizza and stuff.. then we went to hawthorne mall (sp?) and then rode with paul and ate emē back to ate erika's house. and slept over again

friday, november 8, 2002 went to old orchard with ate erika, nallie, and jamee.. we didn't buy nething though.. haha no money.. and so yea.. we jus walked around and stuff.. it was a nice day, like 68 degrees or something pretty warm. then we went back to nallie's cuz jamee left her car there.. and then we brought nallie to golf mill cuz she works there.. and yea.. then later on james came over to ate erika's house and we went to village creamery and joy yee's (sp?) to buy bubble shake but they were both closed.. then we jus rented a movie and went to baskin robbins (it's baskin robbins/dunkin dounuts/togo's) and bought smoothies/shakes.. and then we went to ate erika's to watch the movie. and i slept over

thursday, november 7, 2002 i had to start my blog thingy over cuz yea i didn't save it b4 my host moved servers so yea.. it's all gone.. the end. my page is all messed up now.. maybe i'll fix it by next week or something

yay! 5 day weekend hehe.. yesterday went to erickson's house around 6 and bummed with ate erika.. haha read Glamour magazines while they did they're hw.. hm.. n right now i'm at mat ferrer's house they're playing super smash brothers.. haha. but yea.. earlier wer watched red dragon. o yea yesterday found out the cell phone bill is like $104 or something.. ahh! ionno wut it's supposed to be.. i think maybe only like $28 but yea ionno.. uh o she might take the phone away.. hopefully not

[edit] she did take the phone away. while we were at mat's house my phone jus stopped having reception and it didn't have t-mobile at the top or nething nemore.. AWW NO FAIR!  if i wanna get the phone back with the same phone number i need $68 (cuz that's how much i went over) by 60 days since 11.07.02 [/edit]

i Y greymatter