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11/18/2002 Entry: "the weekend (homework, shopping, and harry potter)"

saturday, november 16, 2002 ·, bummed at ate erika's house. we did hw/studied.. i had to read p.1-9 of this book Night but i ended up reading the whole thing! i thought it was a good book.. hm.. yea and we ate and watched tv and then did hw again.. slept over again

sunday, november 17, 2002 went to northbrook court with uncle eric, tita teresa, erickson, danielle, matthew, and uncle edwin. picked out a x-mas present from ate emē. um.. then we shopped for a while. and i went with uncle edwin and matthew to their house. then i drove to seleen & christine's house from there.. and we picked them up. and then went back to uncle edwin's. sonia and uncle evan were there. and then sheela, bong, and shannon came. then we went to showplex 8 or something to watch harry potter. we went to buy tickets but it was sold out.. so we bought tickets for the next show.. and then we left to eat at portillos and uncle evan treated.. i got a breaded chicken club.. Mmm.. then we went back to the theater and watched the movie.. i thought it was good.. some parts dragged.. but yea.. in the end it was good. after the movie we chilled and ate spaghetti at uncle edwin's.. stayed there till 9:30pm.. uncle evan dropped off sheela, bong, & shannon at their house.. and then he dropped me off at erickson's house cuz my stuff from sleeping over was still there.. my mom was there to pick me up.. and she was so mad.. ionno it was still pretty early.. but yea.. she's never happy.. and she blames her high blood pressure on me.. ahh! i hate that.. but yea.. it's annoying.. she expects me to pay for everything.. do everything and stuff.. and then if she doesn't get her way she blames it on me.. saying that i always want everything done my way n stuff.. ahh it's annoying! that's why i hate being home.. she doesn't want me here newayz.. she wants me out as soon as possible.. ionno where she expects me to get all this money.. she expects me to pay for my cell bill.. and i don't even have a job.. i want and need a job.. but there's no where to work that's accepting 15 year olds.. they're all 16 and older.. when i turn 16 i'm gonna get a job.. and save up for a car.

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hehe. hell ya harry potter! ha. I almost choked eating my bacon burger so fast at Portillos. hehe. arGh. I'm at school right now. Really really really bored as hell. I think the librarian is reading this. AH! she's staring at me. ok gtg

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i Y greymatter