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12/15/2002 Entry: "history project, tita joanne's dad died"

last night i played monopoly with karell (my sister) and yea.. whoa we played until all the money except the $1s were gone! haha i never played like that b4.. i had all the $20s, $50s, $100s, and $500s.. and we both had some of the $10s and $5s.. but whoa!! that's a lot of money.. i'd like to have that much money in real life..

today worked on my history project from 4 to 9pm.. it took forever.. 5 HOURS!.. it's finally done! ahh! i still have other homework to do.. but yea.. newayz.. i found out tita joanne's dad died. he had colon cancer. whoa that's so sad, and he seemed pretty young.. i hope he rests in peace.

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man... that's so sad.. He was such a nice man... And grandpa and grandma talked to him a lot.. Poor Lauren... My mom said that Tita Joanne is REALLY REALLY sad... Yea, I can't imagine her being sad. Arg.. I really hate cancer... I wish it would just go away.

on a lighter note, I bought xmas gifts yesterday! yay! oh yea, how long did it take for you to finish all the money in monopoly? hehe, that's the REAL way to play...

but yea, yesterday I found $20 on the ground.. but this lady said it fell off the counter. then SHE TOOK IT! I was like. ARGH. That's MY MONEY! buttface!

oh yea, shannon said that Tita Ning Ning isn't going to have a slumber party n e more, so is it just a party?

holy cow... most random comment ever!

Posted by sheela @ 12/16/2002 07:57 AM CST

i Y greymatter