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12/19/2002 Entry: "Thursday Thumb-Twindler"

Thursday Thumb-Twindler

Christmas cards -- how many do you send out? Is there an obligation to reciprocate if you receive one? How do you display the ones you receive, assuming you display them at all? i only sent out around 5 christmas cards.. it doesn't matter if i get one back.. they'll prolly end up saying merry christmas or something.. if they did i would save it. but yea..

If money were no object, would you hire a personal shopper to do your Christmas shopping for you? if the personal shopper know what people wanted i'd hire him/her.. but otherwise.. i wanna pick things out.. it's from the heart hehe

As a late night talk show host, you need to book a guest for your December 23rd show who is highly relevant to the Christmas season. Whom would you choose? (The person does not have to be famous.) hm.. i have no idea

i Y greymatter