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12/19/2002 Entry: "fight, tita joanne's dad's wake"

happy birthday natalie (16 years old) and mr. fleming (my spanish teacher-28 years old)! there was a fight today at school.. during 3b in the cafe.. it was interesting.. they were people i knew too.. scary.. they're best friends.. shane and eric.. and yea.. i dunno if they got suspended or nething.. but yea.. i'll prolly find out 2mro. during spanish we went over hw.. and then he gave us the rest of the time to do wutever we wanted.. i guess cuz it was his birthday.. and yea.. haha he was telling us that him and his wife are going out to dinner and the place has good beer and somethin somethin.. and everybody was like "oooOoooo!" hahaha and then mr. fleming was like "u perverts!" hahaha it was funny.. but yea.. newayz.. my parents and relatives went to tita joanne's dad's wake today.. my mom didn't let me, my sisters, and brother go cuz she says that we'll jus socialize.. wakes aren't the type of things to socialize at.. it's not like a party or nething.. but yea.. hm.. i dunno wut else to say.. the end

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