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12/20/2002 Entry: "winter break! plugs"

thanx to those people for signing my gbook.. leaving me comments and stuff.. lisa, lisette, meg, nox, rina.. and i joined char's clique sex bomb.. and linked her

today was the last day of school b4 winter break.. in english we finished up a Night test from yesterday, in physics we watched october sky, in history we took a test, in spanish we jus had free time, math we jus made these origami stuff, and in foods we cleaned our kitchens and got our cookies.. haha i got like 2 plate fulls.. but i fit it all on one plate cuz i didn't wanna carry 2.. the end.. ahh! i need to clean my room.. it's so messy. and we're having the christmas party at my house. uh o. i hope my room's clean by then! hehe maybe i should get started..

i Y greymatter