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12/20/2002 Entry: "woodfield (xmas shopping)"

hm.. i ended up going to woodfield instead of cleaning my room.. haha but yea.. whoa we couldn't find parking! and then finally after like 5-10 minutes.. we went into this row and there were like 4 cars coming out at the same time! but yea.. hm.. i started out shopping with like $90 or something.. and then now i have $12 left.. but yea.. got presents n stuff.. and i got myself some clothes (my xmas top and others) and a calendar! hehe.. whoa i usually never have a calendar till it's a couple months into the year already.. hehe my calendar has lil babies dressed up in bird costumes.. it's cute. but yea.. 2mro my parents and michael are going to the funeral.. and then when they come back we're going shopping, some restaurant, and then simbang gabi (i think that's how u spell it.. it means night church or church at night or something like that in filipino) at our lady of ransom.. and yea.. then after that we're gonna go look at houses with xmas lights haha cuz michael is so amazed by them

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hahaha :)
I can see Michael's eyes widen in amazement as you drive by the houses...
hehehe, but I like looking at houses too!

Man, no fair! My dad didn't let me go to the funeral, because we have to clean the house. arrgh.

aw man. I wanna go shopping!

I think my mom's shopping for gifts right now. Well, I dunno how long she's staying at the funeral. But yea. I hope she's buying gifts, cause we don't even have a lot for the family yet!

muHaha, crazy comment, I'll ttyl
see you sunday!

Posted by sheela @ 12/21/2002 01:03 PM CST

i Y greymatter