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12/22/2002 Entry: "woodfield, olr, xmas houses, steak & shake"

hm.. jus got back from steak and shake with ate erika and james.. haha ate erika called me at like 12am.. and she was like " wut are u doing?" and i wasn't doing nething but watching the divine secrets of the ya-ya sisterhood movie. and she asks me if i can go out right now, thinkin my mom wouldn't let me.. but when i asked my mom she was like as long as u can wake up early enough 2mro (cuz church and tita ning²'s house).. and so yea.. i go.. haha me and ate erika get stuff from the kids menu... hehe and yea.. we jus stay there for a while.. and now i'm back. o0o and before i went i was actually cleaning my room! hehe. aww i spent like $8.. o well it's ok.. i wanna play poker at tita ning²'s party with the uncles n stuff hehe

saturday, december 21, 2002
it's my dad's birthday. they went to the funeral in the morning and when they get back we get ready.. haha cuz i jus woke up when they came.. and then we go to woodfield again.. my mom bought a nikon camera from ritz and then we went to todai (the japanese buffet restuarant) to eat.. it's good there.. my dad got in free cuz it's his birthday and that's the reason we went there.. but the total was still like $70 cuz me and my mom were each around $24 and then my sisters were kids 1/2 price. they had a lot of crab legs and lobster and stuff.. it's good! hehe i wanna go back.. i didn't get to taste the sushi though (they have like 60 diff kinds).. but yea.. hm.. then afterwards we were rushing cuz we were gonna go to simbang gabi at our lady of ransom.. and we thought it was at 7pm.. (we left woodfield at like 6:30pm) and then when we got to olr we found out it was at 5pm! so we missed it.. then we stopped by erickson's house cuz my mom needed to use the washroom, then we went by lincolnwood to look at houses with xmas lights.. and then we went to barnes and noble and best buy.. and then we went home. woo! i didn't spend ne money! hehe

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