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01/05/2003 Entry: "winter break"

winter break

12.24.02 christmas eve party at my house
12.25.02 bowling with ate erika, ate emē, erickson, uncle edwin, ramiro, sonia, uncle evan, uncle tong, jay, uncle errol, and allen. slept over erickson's house
12.27.02 me and ate erika got a haircut (layers) and went to ulta. slept over.
12.28.02 party at sonia's house. slept over
12.29.02 got picked up cuz i had a dentist appointment the next day
12.30.02 me and my mom had dentist appointments and we went to the place.. but nobody was even there, it was closed and they didn't call us or nething! so then we went shopping at old navy, loehmann's (sp?), tj maxx, and target.
12.31.02 new year's eve party at erickson's. i caught $25.06 ($8 in bills and the rest in coins). played 31 (betting our coins that we caught) and christine. slept over won.
01.01.03 bum, watched "the breakfast club". slept over.
01.02.03 i like the date.. hehe sequence! drove to blockbuster with ate erika (rented "lord of the rings"). picked up wendy's. watched some of "barbershop". then went to mat's house with danielle and erickson. there was mat, phil, phil's cousins, mike medina, erickson, danielle, and me. phil picked us up some mcdonalds (i got a $1 sundae) and i forgot to pay him back.. hehe free sundae. played screw your neighbor (the card game medina showed us) and me and danielle won $1.50 each cuz we teamed up together. we played other card games, they played video games, medina and phil recorded a video for their project and they wouldn't let us see.. only erickson. stayed there till around midnight. then danielle dropped me off at erickson's and i slept over there. and erickson slept over mat's
01.03.03 eddie picked me up from erickson's house and we went to phil's house. there was phil, eddie, pat, jomar, mat, justin, erickson, emily, aj, mike medina, max, elinore, and i think that's all.. sorry if i forgot neone! but there was only supposed to be the people from yesterday.. cuz they needed to finish recording the stuff. we played video games, card games. the guys wrestled.. ahh it was scary.. especially when mike medina and aj wrestled! everybody was behind a couch or somewhere far.. it was scary.. but yea.. hm.. mike had to go.. then erickson left to go to danielle's. we ordered buffalo joe's (double platter thingy.. that we didn't even finish. $5 each). eddie and aj had a contest of who could eat the most, and aj lost so he had to drink like a half cup of the oil from the pan, yuck. kate (pat's gf) game with 2 other people.. i forgot their names.. and they brought taboo, and they let us borrow it.. and we played that.. my team won (it was me, pat, eddie, aj, and max.. and the other team was jomar, mat, emily, justin, and phil.. elinore was the score keeper). elinore got picked up, and so did emily and mat. then erickson and danielle came and picked picked me up, and eddie, jomar, pat, justin, aj, and max went to maryhill cemetary.. scary! whoa i thought i was gonna go with them too.. cuz i was supposed to get a ride back to erickson's from eddie.. but yea. then slept over.
01.04.03 tell everyone u love them cuz this date comes once in a lifetime! it's 143 today! yea.. i'm bumming. woo! i got a chatterbox.. and changed ate erika's colors

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