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01/06/2003 Entry: "first day back to school :: new cell (nokia 3390) :: survey"

today was the first day back to school.. it was boring.. last night i didn't really get ne sleep.. i wrote jacqueline a letter.. cuz i couldn't sleep.. and it turned out to be 5 PAGES (2 1/2 pages front and back)! hehe.. whoa longest letter.. hm.. yea it was 4am when i looked at the clock.. and then i was jus rolling around and then my alarm went off (6:45am) whoa.. either i was half asleep or not sleeping at all or something ionno! but when i woke up i wasn't as tired as i usually am (when i DO get like 7 or 8 hours of sleep) but yea.. classes were boring as usual.. haha i  was texting people.. hm.. then finally i got sleepy at 6th - 7th period.. math class always makes me sleepy.. haha and then foods we were just reading about eggs.. hm..yea.. o0o i got a new phone! or well i don't have it yet.. but i ordered it already.. i called customer service.. and yea i got the nokia 3390 .. cuz it was the cheapest one.. all the other ones were like $100 and up. the one i wanted the sony ericsson t68i one.. but it costs like $268 or something n don't have that money! so yea.. the nokia 3390 was supposed to be $20 + tax.. but then the lady gave me an extra $20 discount (cuz she already took off $100.. cuz it was originally $120). but yea.. so it turned out to be free got my phone for $1.07. hm.. yay new phone! hehe i wanna get a new phone cover.. haha even though i don't have the phone yet.. i want it! hehe now! haha.. so demanding.. but yea.. hm.. i'm bored.. the phone i have sucks.. nokia 6190.. it always turns off and yea.. hm.. i dunno.. ahh! i need to try to sleep earlier now.. man i dunno.. ahh school sucks. haha i didn't even notice that in my america post i didn't even notice i spelled America like amerika haha.. like ate erika's xanga.. sheela noticed.. hehe.. blah.. i'm bored and hungry.. maybe my new year's resolution is to gain 10 pounds.. haha

SURVEY FROM jeff's xanga

x. name : katrina
x. birthday : july 12, 1987
x. piercings : 4 (2 on each ear)
x. tattoos : none
x. height :  5'1" or something?
x. shoe size : 6 1/2 or 7
x. hair color : reddish brownish?
x. length : a lil past my shoulders
x. pets : none.. or well my sisters got 4 fishies that are dying slowly cuz they dunno how to take care of them

x. movie you rented :  lord of the rings
x. movie you bought :  i have no idea.. that's a long time ago.. legally blonde? i think
x. song you listened to : 50 cent - ching ching
x. song you had stuck in your head : peanut butter jelly dance!
x. song you've downloaded : eve - satisfaction
x. person you've called :  customer service.. to upgrade my phone!
x. person that called you : i have no idea
x. tv show you've watched : i'm watching even stevens
x. person you were thinking of : somebody.. named ___

x. you have a bf or gf  : nope
x. you have a crush on someone :  yea.. haha
x. you wish you could live somewhere else : yup
x. you think about suicide : nope
x. you believe in online dating : haha. funny
x. you want more tattoos : first i want a tattoo
x. you drink :  o0o! peer pressure! man.. erickson and vicki...
x. you do drugs : nope
x. you like cleaning : too lazy to clean my room.. hopefully it jus stays clean..
x. you write in cursive or print : print.. i'm not used to cursive nemore..
x. you carry a donor card : i only have my permit.. but it doesn't say i'm a donor but i am

for or against...
x. long distance relationships : it would be kinda hard
x. using someone : that's mean
x. suicide : scary.. 3 people did it from my school in the last 2 years
x. killing people : scary
x. teenage smoking : against.. i guess they want lung, mouth, throat cancer.. and all the other kinds of cancer
x. doing drugs : against..
x. premarital sex : just wait till u get married
x. driving drunk : ahh they might kill someone..
x. gay/lesbian relationships : haha let them do wutever they want

x. food : um.. filipino food, cheese fries, pizza, cookie dough ice cream, chinese food, thai food.. bbq ribs
x. song : i dunno
x. thing to do : stuff
x. thing to talk about : m&ms haha
x. sports : volleyball's fun.. but not when they spike it right at u. ahh!
x. drinks : pepsi, kiddie cocktails are good

x. clothes : forever 21 (XXI), charlotte russe, j crew, banana republic, wet seal.. i dunno?
x. movies : i liked a walk to remember and sweet home alabama.. hehe chick flicks
x. bands : i dunno
x. holiday : birthday, xmas, and new year
x. car : i dunno.. i want one soon though!
x. ever cried over a girl/ boy : i don't think i did?
x. ever lied to someone : yea
x. ever been in a fist fight / arrested? : nope
x. shampoo do you use : pantene pro v
x. cologne/perfume do you use : gap - the purple one, or the pink one.. ahh! i forgot wut they're called.. hehe; bath & body works - apple, juniper breeze, cucumber melon
x. are you scared of : bugs, dogs, um.. i dunno?

x. of times I have had my heart broken?: none really
x. of hearts I have broken?: i dunno?
x. of boys I have kissed? : zero
x. of girls I have kissed? : haha zero
x. of continents I have lived in?:  one
x. of drugs taken illegally?: zero
x. of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life: i dunno..
x. of people I consider my enemies?: i could think of 1 or 2.. haha.. they're the ones that started it.. i tried being nice
x. of people from high school that I stayed in contact with?: i'm still in high school
x. of cd's that I own?: i dunno.. i didn't count
x. of scars on my body?: i dunno that one either
x. of things in my past that I regret? : i dunno... not staying in touch with my friends from my old school.. i talk to them sometimes.. but not really =/

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DANG it! I accidentally clicked 'post this comment' dang it. ha. it's ok. cause now you'll have 2 COMMENTS! woowoo! hahaha ok I gtg now, I'll ttyl

Posted by sheela @ 01/07/2003 12:16 PM CST

hey hey hey!
haha. I am in school. I think Sandra is home sick, cause she's not here. Yea, I'm in LUNCH. In the comp lab cause I have nothing else to do. Everyone else I sit with is GONE! AH! They all had teachers to see. So now. I am all alone. In the comp lab. And next period I am playing bball. So I am excited! Noooo FAIR! I wanna cell! MAN! I gotta wait FOREVER. ha. It's ok. ONLY one month. One month. One month. One month. hehe. Alright.

Posted by sheela @ 01/07/2003 12:15 PM CST

i Y greymatter