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01/07/2003 Entry: "this or that tuesday :: slinky lab :: bad mood"

this or that tuesday
1. "Time" or "Newsweek"? hm.. time
2. "Wall Street Journal" or "National Enquirer"? national enquirer.. hehe tabloids!
3. "Sports Illustrated" or "Cook's Illustrated"? cook's illustrated.. even though i never heard of it. hehe cooking's fun.
4. "Martha Stewart Living" or "MAD Magazine"? martha stewart
5. "Cosmopolitan" or "Maxim"? cosmo
6. "People" or "Entertainment Weekly"? entertainment weekly.. hehe i used to read those at my grandma's house all the time.
7. "National Geographic" or "Readers Digest"? readers digest
8. "Good Housekeeping" or "Popular Mechanics"? i'm not sure.. wut's popular mechanics? is that the one with the electronics n stuff? if it is.. that one then.. but if not then good housekeeping
9. "PC World" or "MacWorld"? pcworld
10. "Southern Living" or "Yankee" (magazine about New England living)? yankee

i never did a this or that tuesday b4.. that was interesting.. hehe i usually jus do the friday five in physics we did a slinky lab.. so we were out in the hall playing with slinkys.. hehe i thought we were gonna do the one where it goes down the stairs.. but the slinkys we had were too long.. but yea.. haha then after physics i met up with natalie.. and she needed something.. good thing i brought it to school! it's a lifesaver! haha yea.. blah.. my spanish teacher, the language lab teacher, and my mom were/are in a bad mood.. i dunno.. i was watching tv.. and then my mom starts yelling at me cuz my sister wanted to sleep but i was in hwe bed, so she turns off the tv (and it's the only tv working right now).. and tries hitting me.. and so i go downstairs and my sister comes down here.. and she's the one that was saying she needed to sleep. ahh i dunno it's confusing.. but yea i dunno.. my mom's always getting mad at me because of my sisters.. and i didn't even do nething to them.. ahh i hate being home

i Y greymatter