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01/13/2003 Entry: "got cell phone :: january bdays :: lord of the rings 2 :: michael's party :: finals"

whoa i haven't posted on here in a while.. but yea.. hm.. happy 3rd birthday michael!. i got my new cell in the mail on friday.. yay! hehe it's better than my old one!! then on saturday was the january bdays party for my relatives (it was uncle tong, bong, uncle errol, tita joanne, and ate emē`s - michael`s having a separate one.. since he`s still a lil kid). after the party i slept over erickson`s house.. cuz we had a homework day.. and yea needed some help.. and then last night me, ate emē, paul, and erickson watched lord of the rings: two towers at old orchard.. it was a good movie. the first hour dragged.. but this movie had more action than the first one.. so yea.. woo! i finally released a new layout for my asianavenue page (lvbabyblue).. even though it`s already been up for a couple days with the "still working on it" thing.. but yea.. hm.. and earlier michael had a party. (and he's still having one saturday) i didn't even know there was gonna be one today.. my mom jus decided there would be one today.. and so yea.. everybody left around 8:30-9pm.. cuz there's work/school 2mro.. ahh! i don't wanna take finals! this sucks.. i have my physics and spanish finals 2mro.. then my english, spanish, and foods final on wednesday, and history on thurday.. this sucks.. ahh! i'm really not looking forward to my english and history finals.. i think i need to start studying soon.. and finish the review packets that are due.. ahh! no fair.. hehe i prolly shouldn't even be online right now.. but o well.. i'm finally putting a new post! (right sheela?) but yea.. on wednesday it's ate emē's birthday.. and we're going to eat at todai at woodfield.. Mmm i can't wait! hehe good thing skiing is postponed.. cuz i need money! AHHH! I WENT OVER ON MY TEXT MESSAGING BY 590!!! AND THAT'S AN ADDITIONAL $29.50! ahhh! but i have a $20 credit.. so it's just $9.50.. but whoa! ahh i dunno how i used the 500 text that came with my plan.. plus an additional 590! i hope that customer service lady just read it wrong or something.. ahh! i really hope so.. maybe i'll call again

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aw, i wish I could get a new cell :(

Posted by may @ 01/16/2003 08:25 PM CST

i Y greymatter