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01/17/2003 Entry: "past couple days :: finals :: todai"

hm.. lets see what happened the past couple of days...

friday, january 17, 2003 today i woke up around 2pm.. and now i'm bumming on the computer.. yea.. haha i need to clean my room for the party 2mro.. sucks. but yea.. i hope i find my cd player! ahh it's lost.. and i've been craving cds lately.. hehe i wanna go shopping! my scanner and webcam work now.. yay!

thursday, january 16, 2003 had finals 8,4.. but i have free 8th period so i only came for 4th.. and that was history final.. we took a scantron and it was pretty easy.. and then we had this essay thingy where we had to write a letter to the pope. i didn't know what i was writing! so yea.. i was jus sitting at my desk looking at the papers he gave us for it. and i was thinking about whether or not i should even write the essay.. i was thinking about how many points i would be missing if i didn't turn in the essay.. it was like 50 points or something out of 150.. so yea i dunno.. but then i finally did it but i was jus writing nething.. haha i'm prolly gonna fail the essay part.. o well.. it's ok. and then afterschool me and natalie were gonna go to starbucks but she never called back.. so i dunno what happened.. and then i fell asleep on the couch again.. hehe from like 4-10pm.. and ate erika called at around 6pm when i was sleeping.. and so i called her back when i woke up.. and she was saying she was gonna ask me if i wanted to go to school with her the next day.. but she changed her mind.. because if i was awake earlier she could have picked me up.. but then it was 10pm when i called her and it was too late.. so yea.. aww. maybe another time.

wednesday, january 15, 2003 happy birthday ate emē. today finals were for periods 1,7,5.. and i had english, foods, and spanish finals. english was pretty easy.. we made notes for it.. (the notes took forever!) but then in class.. we just had to have a discussion.. and talk at least 5 times. so yea.. it was ok.. then foods we cooked breakfast, my group made pancakes, bacon, and fruit kabob.. with apple juice as the drink. it was pretty easy and it tasted good too! then spanish was really hard.. i didn't understand what it said.. and i didn't know what i was doing! but yea.. ahh! i hope i at least passed it! i drove home from school.. and gave natalie a ride home.. haha i drove really bad.. ahh! haha like in the beginning it was fine.. and then i did a really wide turn (but that was when i thought the car behind me was gonna hit me.. cuz we were at a red light.. and there were cars in front of me so i couldn't turn automatically.. and then all of a sudden the car goes forward really fast and whoa i thought it was gonna hit me! it was so close! and then it reverses back it's original space.. but yea that was scary).. and then when i was turning into her street i almost passed it.. so then i had to do a sharp turn.. and yea then afterwards.. i bummed at home for a lil while we got a new dell computer! and then went to erickson's around 5 or 6pm and then tried to do some homework.. but i only got a couple and i didn't finish it later on. then we left to go to todai at woodfield and ate there for ate emē's birthday.. it was good.. i tried sushi.. it's so hard to eat when u think of it.. cuz u know it's raw fish and yea.. haha it took forever to swallow.. cuz it was all slimey and stuff. me and ate erika ate a lot.. haha we got 5 plates! i think that's enough to get our money's worth.. it cost $24 or something.. and i was asking grandma how much it was and she kept saying it was fine.. and that i didn't have to pay.. so then yea.. she paid for me. the only reason ate emē went there for her birthday was because it was free for the person who has their bday that day (you have to show ID) and then they wouldn't even let ate emē have it for free.. they said they changed the policy and now they can only give a voucher and you would have to come back 90 days later to redeem it.. that sucks.. and ate emē complained and talked to 3 people.. and then the manager finally let her.. and ate emē said it was posted on the site.. that you either get a free meal OR a voucher to come back in 90 days and that's when you would get the free meal. so yea.. in the end she got the free meal. we left todai at around 9:30pm and afterwards we went to erickson's house (same as ate erika & ate emē's house) and then ate cake (that (ate emē's boyfriend) paul's mom made) it was good.. it had strawberries and stuff on top.. then around 11pm we left.. and uncle evan let me drive his car home. haha it was fun and this time i drove good.. the end.

tuesday, january 14, 2003 happy birthday tita joanne. today finals were for periods 3,2,6.. so i had physics and math finals. physics was kind of easy.. but some parts i was guessing.. then i had math, there were 2 tests: the district one and then the school one. the district one wasn't that bad.. i think i might've did good on it, but the school one needed an equation and it was so hard because all of the answers depended on it.. and i didn't know what the equation was! ahh! i think i failed that part.. hm.. so then i went home.. and i don't remember what i did.. haha prolly fell asleep or something. ionno. just bum.

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