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01/21/2003 Entry: "weekend :: michael's bday party :: a guy thing"

monday, january 20, 2003 me and ate erika bummed, watched tv, and painted our nails.. then ate erika let me drive her car to my house.. and yea. she went back to home cuz she needed to do homework and stuff.. so yea. and yea i took a shower, did my laundry and now i`m bumming.. my mom won`t let me watch mtv just because they`re in a bed and they`re talking.. and she said it`s for adults.. they`re not doing nething.. and they`re not talking about nething bad.. it`s real world.. and yea.. i dunno what she`s thinking.. she expects me to watch nickelodeon and disney all the time.. i would, but there aren`t ne good shows on.. today is ninang rachel's birthday.. but she's not here to celebrate it =(. i hope she's having fun in heaven. RIP.

sunday, january 19, 2003 it was erickson & danielle`s 1 year anniversary.. so they went out to dinner and a movie. i bummed with ate erika.. and then later we ate at denny`s then watched a guy thing at streets of woodfield.. it was ok.. i dunno. then afterwards.. we were going back to ate erika`s house.. but we turned into this street.. and then allen let me drive his car! haha. so we drove to baskin robbins and got some ice cream.. then we went to ate erika`s house and watched men in black II.

saturday, january 18, 2003 michael`s bday party. yea it was fun.. we watched halloween resurrection in my room.. haha we were screaming.. haha. scary. then i slept over erickson`s house.. (like all the other weekends). b4 we left i was running all over the place looking for my cell.. so i called it and i heard it ringing.. and i thought it was coming from upstairs so i went toward there.. but then i heard it coming from the kitchen.. so then i turned around.. haha i thought i was never gonna find it! then danielle`s laughing and she told me it was in the backpack i was carrying! haha it was funny.

i Y greymatter