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01/21/2003 Entry: "grades :: funny convo"

at school it felt like we just came back from winter break or some kinda vacation.. i dunno.. it was weird.. but yea.. classes dragged.. haha i felt like i was just sitting in class waiting for the bell to ring.. then going to the next class and doing it all over again.. but yea.. my arm hurts! i dunno wut`s wrong.. it doesn`t feel like a muscle ache or wutever.. it feels like it`s in the bone or something.. i dunno. i can`t even lift things or raise my left arm nemore bcuz of it.. it just hurts too bad.. oww.. i dunno. if it`s broken.. i dunno how, cuz i didn`t really do nething to break it.. but yea.. oww. o yea i got my grades from finals back:

english 2 - A
physics 1 - B
history - C
spanish 2 acc - C
geometry/trig acc - D
foods - A

they`re kinda good i guess.. haha except math. but yea.. it was hard, cuz i didn`t know the equation thingy.. it`s alright (whoa i`ve been saying that word a lot lately). my semester grades are:

english 2 - B
physics 1 -B
history - B
spanish 2 acc- C
geometry/trig acc - C
foods - B

hahaha funny convo with mike magdongon (sick mind..):

mike: so wut u do dis weekend
me: um.. my lil brother had a bday party on saturday, saw a guy thing, and jus bummed. u?
mike: saw a guy thing
mike: wut a penis
me: haha
me: the movie
me: with julia stiles
me: selma blair
me: ionno wut the guy`s name is
mike: oh i see
mike: lol
mike: i thought u saw a cock
me: hahaha

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A GUY THING. hehe. Ok. yea. that's PRETTY funny.

Anyways, my first final is at 10... and I'm just bored on a computer. te-he.

I should be studying now, so tata :D
haha. ta-ta.


Posted by sheela @ 01/22/2003 08:46 AM CST

i Y greymatter