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01/22/2003 Entry: "chemistry :: lunch :: wendy's"

school was boring like usual.. hm.. in chemistry i lost 15 points cuz i forgot to bring these 3 signed sheets from yesterday.. like the safety contract and stuff.. and i got it signed and everything too! but then i guess i forgot to put it in my backpack.. and it's only the 2nd day! (since i had physics last semester, and chemistry this semester.. and the semester started yesterday) hm.. lunch was fun.. i guess i was talking too much cuz i didn't get to finish my lunch.. but newayz our tables were screwed up.. cuz we usually sit at a long table.. and then some freshmen sit at a shorter table next to us.. and the tables were switched.. (so our table was short and the freshmen's was long) and yea.. we share our table with juniors so then yea.. they sat at the short table and we ended up sitting at the long table with the freshmen.. (sounds confusing?) hehe kayleigh's at that table! so yea i sat next to her.. haha i know how to spell her name.. whoa she was so amazed.. haha (she's in my foods class). hm.. but newayz.. PE sucks.. we were supposed to change today but then a lot of people didn't bring their PE uniform.. so we didn't.. right now we're gonna do basketball, and then in 6 weeks we're gonna start swimming, and then after 6 weeks it's gonna be soccer. ahh! i don't wanna do swimming.. swimming sucks.. i thought it was only gonna be 3 weeks this year.. that's what i heard last year.. but it's not.. it's 6 weeks again, seems too long. (last year it was 6 weeks) um.. afterschool me and my mom went to wendy's and i was driving and there was this entrance where it's split into 2.. and u can enter in one side and exit on the other.. (it's shaped like a "Y") and i knew the first one wasn't the right one cuz my mom went in it b4, so i went in the 2nd one.. and then when i turned i had to make a really sharp turn cuz it wasn't supposed to be an entrance! it was the exit! ahh.. haha it was scary.. but yea.. i learn from my mistakes.. but yea.. hm.. i ordered 2 chicken nuggets, a baked potato, and fries.. and my mom was getting mad cuz she thought i wasn't gonna finish it.. haha i was asking her if she wanted to make a bet that i WILL finish it.. but she didn't wanna.. haha i remember last time we were at this chinese restaurant and i got a lot of food.. and then she bet me $20 that i won't finish my food.. and i did! woo i won.. hehe. but yea.. hm.. when we got home i watched tv for a lil while.. and then i fell asleep.. i was sleeping from 4:30pm - 10pm.. haha whoa i slept for almost 6 hours! uh o i hope i can fall asleep later.. hm.. i guess that's all

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