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01/24/2003 Entry: "peacoat :: man vs beast :: PE games"

entry from yesterday:

today at school was boring ahh i have to study for a spanish test 2mro.. and i still have to start my homework.. sucks as usual. hm.. yea.. what happened? nothing really.. school sucks.. haha i prolly say that everyday.. hm.. afterschool i fell asleep again.. haha this time it was only for 2 hours.. (4-6pm).. hm.. yea.. uncle edwin called here and said that his store has a whole buncha peacoats on sale and they're XS.. so yea i asked him to get me one.. yay! it's almost friday! or well this'll prolly show up as a friday post.. hm.. i called sheela earlier to ask about saturday (gameworks) and yea.. haha we talked for like an hour and a half.. i haven't talked to her on the phone in a while.. hm.. i'm watching "man vs beast" haha it's weird.. it's a guy againt a bear in eating 50 hotdogs.. and the bear won (2 minutes and something seconds).. haha i never even heard of this show b4.. but yea. we got a new internet service thingy.. it's SBC now and not juno.. yea.. yesterday in PE we were playing this game called "have you ever.."  (and if we did we went to the middle and high-fived someone and then went back to our spot, haha) and one of the questions was "have you ever been excited for school" and there was a couple people.. and then one of the girls went in the middle and went back to her spot.. and this guy next to her was asking her about it.. and then she said it was because she had sex in school.. and then she was like "oops i think i said that too loud" and then earlier when the teacher was first describing the game to us.. she accidentally blurted out "that's kinda like the drinking game!" haha it was funny.. i think the teacher heard both times.. but he didn't say nething.. he just looked at her like it's not the appropriate thing to say

i Y greymatter