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01/24/2003 Entry: "CNA :: library :: quizno's :: target :: dyed hair"

yay!! it's finally friday! hm.. yea went to school like usual.. talked to melissa obillo for a while and yea.. she was asking me if i knew tracy and stuff.. cuz her cotillion's today.. and people were asking her to go.. but then she wasn't invited and yea it would be weird and stuff.. cuz she doesn't know tracy.. yea i dunno her either.. we were thinking maybe we saw her somewhere sometime.. but ionno.. yea.. and then this security guard lady was telling us that we had to go to class now.. cuz we would be late or something but yea.. haha i never get a chance to talk to melissa. that was interesting. hm.. afterschool went with my mom to sign up for this C.N.A. class (certified nursing assistant or something like that) and then we went to the library.. cuz she's been studying to be a nurse and i went and checked out some books.. after that we went to quizno's and got a regular mesquite chicken sandwich, medium drink and a cookie.. haha and my friend was at the register and i didn't even notice until later when my mom was talking about how she bought a small sandwich and it was the same price as the one we just bought.. and then i looked at the receipt and found out she marked it up as a small mesquite chicken sandwich (instead of medium), and then she charged me for a medium drink but gave me a large.. haha thanx maggie! haha. i didn't even notice.. i didn't think she would cuz maybe she would get in trouble or something but ionno.. hehe -=). hm.. after quizno's we went to target.. and i got hair dye (herbal essences in tawny bronze #65).. and herbal essences shampoo and conditioner too (fruit fushions for color-treated hair.. MMmm smells good!).. and covergirl lipgloss. hm.. yea i dyed my hair earlier and yea.. when i went to take a shower and wash it out the water was ice cold! and then i found out that my lil sisters were taking a bath and they used ALL of the hot water! so yea.. on the directions it said to use warm water to rinse the dye out.. and i didn't know if something would happen if i used cold water.. i woulda waited for hot water.. but that prolly woulda taken a while.. and the hair dye prolly woulda burned my hair off or something! ionno. but yea.. haha i was washing it out and putting the conditioner and stuff in.. taking a shower.. and i was shivering the whole time! ahh it was SO COLD! hm.. yea... right now my hair's almost dry and it looks so dark! haha cuz i haven't had my natural hair color in a couple years or something.. only at the roots.. and yea i think this is my natural hair color.. or close! ahh it looks like black! hehe.. but then when u look closely it's dark brown.. hm.. yea.. haha when i was in the bathroom waiting for the time to be finished i fell asleep! whoa.. that's dangerous.. haha wut if i kept it in too long! good thing i woke up in time.. hm.. yea when i got outta the shower i had 2 missed calls and one was from joy's cell and the other one was from ate erika's cell.. so i called joy and her phone was off, so i figured she must be at tracy's cotillion.. and then i called ate erika's cell.. and it was off.. and then i called her house and tita teresa answered.. hehe she said she was all by herself at home.. cuz erickson's at a cotillion (tracy's) and then ate erika's at allen's house.. so i called allen's cell and found out that she turned her phone off cuz she was trying to take off the cover or something.. and there was a blackout at allens.. hehe scary.. but yea.. hm.. whoa this is long.. i guess i don't have nething else to say.. so far

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