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01/28/2003 Entry: "wendy's & bubble shake with natalie"

tuesday, january 28, 2003 happy birthday shannon hm.. yea school today, history was so boring.. haha we were taking notes and he kept talking and talking.. and then i fell asleep.. and when i woke up he was still talking about the same thing.. whoa he was talking for like a half hour on that same thing.. but yea.. nothing really happened.. might get bubble shake again later.. ahh i need to go to target (since it's really close to my house) and buy some girl stuff.. yea... haha

monday, january 27, 2003 went to school (o0o i wore my peacoat! -=P).. the usual.. then afterschool went to the dentist.. cuz we got a new dentist and so my whole family went for a cleaning.. yay! no cavities!! hehe. but my sisters do.. krista has 2, and karell has 1. then afterwards my mom went to her first day at C.N.A. class.. and then around 6pm natalie came and picked me up.. woo! it's the first time i rode with her since she got her license.. (even though she got it a month ago.. plans kept falling through) hm.. we ate at wendy's haha 99 cents menu! got a drink, 5-piece chicken nuggets, and a bacon and cheese baked potato. Mmm... it was good.. haha we were catching up on stuff, and whoa there was hardly nebody there, and we were talking so loud! haha.. at first we would talk quiet and then it kept getting louder and louder.. and yea haha i don't remember wut we were talking about but whoa.. we were laughing so hard we were crying.. and whoa i thought natalie was gonna spit her food out at me when she started laughing! haha.. but yea.. then afterwards we went and got a bubble shake.. i got halo-halo fiesta and she got mango.. o0o i want another bubble shake! and then yea.. she dropped me off at home around 8pm. and i was so tired, i fell asleep on the couch until 10pm... and then i went to my room, and watched tv (the food channel) and yea.. finally started my homework around 11pm but the tv was so distracting! hehe... i think i wanna be a chef. whoa i couldn't fall asleep last night.. when i turned off the light, i kept thinking of candyman and bloody mary!! ahh scary!! and it was 3am.. i was scared to see when it would be 3:33am! but yea.. b4 in history we learned about bloody mary, and she's not that lady that comes outta the mirror and scratches u or whatever the story is (.. or well we didn't learn about that). but she was a queen or something, and she wanted everybody to be roman catholic, so if people didn't wanna switch to it, she would kill them, and she killed like 400 people or something.. ionno. whoa that's scary! o0o yea!! i found my cd player.. haha it was underneath my bag of candy from 2 years ago.. haha i finally threw that candy out.. haha sick. but yay! i found my cd player! now i need to find the cds i've been missing.. haha. i need to clean my room -=/

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