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01/29/2003 Entry: "bunsen burner lab.. FIRE! :: registration for junior year"

when i woke up today.. i didn't feel too good. but then in chemistry we had to do a lab.. and i didn't wanna miss it and then have to make it up b4 or after school or something.. so yea, i went.. hm.. in english we went to the write place (computer lab), and researched on an "evil" topic we picked.. my group is doing suicide.. so yea.. it's interesting. we didn't have homeroom cuz it was early dismissal.. in chemistry we did a bunsen burner lab.. and whoa, it was scary! i was partners with this girl and i let her light it and stuff.. haha cuz whenever i did it, it wouldn't work! so yea.. and then this one time she lit it.. and the whole bunsen burner went in flames! (instead of just at the top where it's supposed to come out..) and whoa! ahh! i thought our papers were gonna catch fire.. cuz her paper was right next to it.. and then whoa! good thing it wasn't that close to the knob that turns the gas off.. cuz then we wouldn't have been able to turn it off! whoa.. that was scary! haha i don't wanna use the bunsen burner again.. ahh that was scary.. hm.. during lunch i was scheduled to talk to my counsler about registration for next year.. so yea.. hm.. lemme see i'm taking:

*American Studies (it's english and history put together.. so it's 2 periods)
*Accelerated Math Analysis
*Chemistry 2
*Photo 1
*Graphic Arts Technology 1
*Cross Training & Dance (for PE - 1 semester each)
*and Lunch (1 period if i have a flap, 1/2 period if i don't.. i don't wanna have a flap, but then i want a full period of lunch -=/)
*altogether = 7 1/2 periods (without lunch)

but yea.. it's not all in that order.. hm.. i wonder wut my schedule's gonna be next year.. aww i wanted to take gourmet/professional foods but then i wouldn't have space in my schedule.. hm.. ionno wut i wanna be when i get older yet! ahh.. either a pharmacist, a web designer, or a chef.. haha they're not even closely related.. but yea.. if i'm a pharmacist i get to be called Doctor! hehe.. but then ionno wut i wanna be.. i'm gonna take science all 4 years just in case.. yea.. i don't feel like i'm gonna be a junior yet.. high school seems so short (or well not really) but i can't put in all the classes i wanna take.. all because of the solids we NEED to take... if those weren't in my schedule then i would be able to take gourmet/professional foods and maybe an internship class but then yea.. there's no space.. and i don't think i'll have any space for senior year's either.. if i take math & science too.. cuz i wanna take photo 2 & graphic arts 2.. sucks.. they were saying that they might add another period and make english 1 1/2 periods instead of just 1 for freshmen (cuz they're reading scores are low or something).. so then we'd have 9 periods all together.. at first was kinda hoping they wouldn't (even though it would just be for incoming freshmen, i'm gonna be junior, and the upperclassmen will still have 1 period).. but then now that there's classes that i wanna take that don't fit into my schedule.. i kinda want them to make it 9 periods.. but yea.. hm.. i think i should prolly work on my lab write up now for chemistry.. aww i miss physics.. we didn't have to do things like this.. it was so easy! hm.. yea so i guess that's all

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