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02/03/2003 Entry: "survey"

1. What is your Name? katrina
2. Age? 15
3. When is your birthday? July 12, 1987
4. Do you have any nicknames & what are they? Rina, Trina, K-Rina, K, snot, dorkass.. haha
5. Where were you born? columbus hospital in chicago
6. Where do you live now? des plaines
7. What School do you go to? maine west
8. What are/is your favorite movie(s)? a walk to remember, sweet home alabama, the bourne identity..
9. What are/is your favorite tv show(s)? smallville, lizzie mcguire, rugrats, arthur, emeril live
10. What is/are your favorite store(s)?  forever 21 (XXI), gap, gapbody, banana republic, jcrew, wet seal, steve madden
11. What is/are your favorite type(s) of music? practically everything.. almost
12. What is/are your favorite band(s)? i dunno
13. What are you listening to now? nothing
14. What is the date/time right now? February 2, 2003 - 11:36pm
15. Who is/are your good friends? i dunno.. i don't wanna name people and then forget someone.. so might as well not put it up -=P
16. What is the best book(s) you've ever read? a child called it by dave pelzer, lucky by alice sebold
17. Is their 1 celebrity you're overly OBSESSED with? nope
18. What is your favorite day of the week? friday & everyday there's no school
19. What is your favorite holiday? christmas & my birthday
20. Who are your favorite actors/actresses? kristin kreuk, ryan phillipe, reese witherspoon, alyssa milano, jennifer aniston, brad pitt
21. Do you know why your filling this out? cuz i'm bored.. and i know ate erika & sheela will prolly fill it out.. hehe
22. How would you describe yourself? short
23. Are you shy or outgoing? shy around people i don't know.. i dunno, it depends
24. Where is your favorite place to be? i dunno. anywhere but home
25. Do you have a bf/gf right now? nope
26. Do you have a crush on anyone right now, and if so, who? yea.. i dunno. not saying
27. Have you ever cheated or thought about cheating on your bf/gf? nope
28. What color eyes do you have? dark brown
29. Do you have any siblings? yea, 2 sisters and 1 brother
30. Do you have a pet? we have pet fish..
31. What is the best feature about you? i dunno, nothing?
32. Do you find yourself funny? sure.. why not?
33. Would you consider yourself a rebel, or do you follow the rules?  i follow the rules most of the time
34. Would you consider yourself: ??
35. What do you love? i dunno
36. What color are your nails right now? pinkish
37. Favorite Drink? halo-halo bubble shake! Mmm..
38. Favorite Food? bbq ribs
39. What are you wearing right now? sweatshirt.. pants
40. Best class? lunch!
41. What is the worst class you have ever taken? history of the western world
42. When was the last time you cried? i dunno
43. What is the thing about yourself u least like? i dunno, stuff..
44. Do you care about what people think or say about you? it depends
45. Which one of your friends are you most like? i have no idea
46. Do you regret anything you have done or haven't done? yea
47. What is your favorite saying/quote? i dunno.. can't think of any
48. Have you ever cried over someone of the opposite sex? nope
49. Do you believe in horoscopes? sometimes
50. Would you ever kill someone? ahh! nope. scary.. me and ate erika were watching "unfaithful" and it seems so easy to kill someone..
51. Would you die for your friends? yea
52. Do you have any special talents? nope
53. What is something you would never ever do? i have no idea..
54. Is this boring you? yea
55. What is your favorite time of day? anytime.. except 3:33 am! ahh!
56. What kind of people do you hate the most? liars, backstabbers
57. What is your favorite color? pink, blue, white, silver, black
58. Would you ever meet someone that you met online in person? if one of my friends know that person.. and the person isn't some scary person.. i guess i'd meet them.. but not by myself!
59. What is something you've always wanted to do? i dunno lots of stuff.. i wanna go skydiving.. snowboarding, i wanna get a tattoo.. a tongue ring.. haha
60. Do you smoke? nope
61. Do you drink? hahaha.. yea.
62. Do you believe in ghosts? yea.. scary
63. Who do you trust the most? i dunno
64. What is the best thing that has ever happened to you? i don't think there's anything that i would say is "the best"
65. What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you? not staying in touch with people
66. What are your favorite names for kids? i dunno.. it's still a while
67. Do you plan on ever getting married? yea
68. Do you plan on ever having kids? yup
69. What do you want to be when you grow up? i dunno yet.. either a pharmacist, web site designer, chef, or interior designer.. ahh i should prolly pick soon.. haha how bought a pharmacist and a chef.. like in "a guy thing" (the movie..)
70. If you could trade places with anyone for a day, who would it be? i have no idea
71. Do you ever talk to yourself? yea
72. Are you a happy person? sure.. most of the time
73. Do you plan on going to college? yea
74. Do you get pissed off at people easily? if they do something that would really piss me off.. i dunno.. not that easily
75. What is your favorite song? don't have one
76. Whats your favorite thing ever? i dunno
77. What are your hobbies? designing site, watching tv, cooking (& eating)..
78. Favorite Web-Site? http://ooolala.whisperslip.nu haha yea!
79. Now, what time is it? 12:03am

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