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02/03/2003 Entry: "the weekend (bball game m.w. vs m.e. :: shopping :: new shoes)"

the weekend..

sunday, february 2, 2003 they all left for the airport around 7am.. i guess i was the only one left.. cuz i was still sleeping.. i dunno if they all went.. but yea.. tita teresa & nanay had a flight for the philippines at 10am.. hm.. yea.. i woke up around 2:50pm.. ate erika & her dad were the only ones there.. and ate erika was sleeping but she woke up soon.. we ate, bummed, tried doing homework (ahh! i still didn't finish yet!).. and watched tv.. hehe then we went to big lots, sportmart, and target.. cuz we wanted to buy those shoe cushion thingys.. and we found it at target.. haha we were all bummie too! but yea.. o well.. yay! hehe i drove! haha. but yea.. hm.. then we went to my house.. and she went home.

saturday, february 1, 2003 rabbit rabbit rabbit! (first of the month for good luck) um.. woke up around 12pm or something.. took a shower, got ready and stuff.. and ate.. and then me and ate erika went to ulta (i drove.. and when we were leaving we saw erickson coming back from driving with the driver's ed instructor.. and my friend was driving.. haha it was funny) & then lincolnwood mall.. we tried on dresses at carson pirie scott.. haha it was fun! o0o i like the red dress i tried on.. it was strapless though.. but it looked cool! hehe.. too bad i'm not going to girl's choice or nething.. but yea.. hm.. then we went back to her house, bummed there.. and then erickson's friends came over (eddie, max, and pat).. and we watched some of minority report, then i went to golf mill with ate erika & allen.. and we got shoes (yay! i got bowling style shoes!) and then we came back.. uncle edwin, uncle evan, & mathew were there.. and they watched tv.. hm.. allen left and then me and ate erika stopped by his house to drop off her cell phone.. and we went to mcdonalds and got 2 sundae's.. 1 apple pie, and 1 fruit parfait.. it was good.. haha ate erika paid an extra $1 for me.. cuz yea i didn't wanna break my $20 -=P hehe.. but yea.. hm.. then we went back to her house.. bummed, watched movies & ate our mcd's. we watched minority report the whole thing.. and unfaithful.. unfaithful was STUPID! ahh stupid girl & stuipid guy.. haha.. but the bourne identity was good.. but u had to watch the whole thing.. cuz so much happens in just a couple minutes.. and if u miss something.. u might not understand it.. but yea.. it was good.. hm.. and then we went upstairs around 4am.. erickson was sleeping but he woke up.. and me and him were talking till 6am.. haha and then he fell asleep while i was talking!

friday, january 31, 2003 afterschool stopped by erickson's house to drop off my bag & stuff.. and then went to maine east to watch the bball game (maine east vs. maine west).. we got there during 3rd quarter of the sophomore game.. haha it was me and sheela.. and when we entered we didn't know where we were going.. we were just walking around.. and then we heard the game and just followed that.. when we got there.. we didn't know what side to sit on.. so we just went to the right side and found out it was mainly parents.. and then later we saw matt del rosario come in.. and he was on the left side.. so we were sitting across from them.. and then yea i called him and may answered.. hehe it was funny, we were just waving to eachother across the gym.. and then after the sophomore game ended we went to the side where they were.. it was raymund, may, matt del rosario, phil & mike medina (he came after he finished playing the soph game) and i think that's it.. ahh i hope i didn't forget neone! but yea.. the varsity game was real close.. at the end there was only a couple seconds left.. and the game was tied & maine west had the ball.. then someone on the main east team got fouled and they had to take 2 shots.. the score was 49 to 49 and the guy made both of the shots.. and so maine east won 51 to 49.. whoa! lots of pressure! it ended around 9pm and then me and sheela got a ride from phil to erickson's house.. and i slept over erickson's house.. and sheela got picked up and went home

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