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02/03/2003 Entry: "report card :: serve detention 2mro :: hallmark :: library :: cell phone bill"

hm.. yesterday i got my report card in the mail.. i got:

english 2 B
history of the western world B
acc geometry & trig C
physics 1 B
spanish 2 acc C
foods A

aww today i was like 20 seconds late to class.. maybe even less.. and then i had to get a tardy slip, and now i have a detention that i'm gonna serve 2mro afterschool.. i'm prolly just gonna do my homework there, and then i won't have to bring the books home.. but yea.. it still sucks. at the beginning of 2nd semester our teacher was saying that all our tardy's will be cleared out from 1st semester and we'll start from new.. but i guess he was wrong.. cuz i had 2 tardy's from 1st semester.. and this was my first one from this semester.. and the lady at the thing said it doesn't start over.. but yea.. o well. hm.. afterschool i went to hallmark to buy valentines day & birthday cards.. whoa i spent like $9 on 3 cards! then i went to the (it's right next to hallmark) to pick up books about suicide for my english project. then b4 we left we picked up quiznos to go (that limited time one.. chicken carbona).. and then when i got home ate, watched tv.. and then slept until like 9:45pm.. ahh i need to stop sleeping afterschool.. and then just wait till it's nite time. but yea.. hm.. o yea we got the bill for my cell.. ahh $72.72.. aww man! this sucks.. i need a job! hm.. i dunno how i'm gonna get $60 (cuz my mom'll pay for $10.. but that's it) aww.. o well somehow.. i still have till february 19 (2 weeks).. i really need a job.. where's there to work? man.. i need to ask ramiro! the end

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