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02/05/2003 Entry: "english - group :: chem test :: chili :: PE - pacer test :: tri-fold poster"

yesterday i got to watch  gilmore girls and some of smallville.. when i was watching smallville i was so tired cuz i didn't take my afternoon nap.. and then i fell asleep! and i wasn't even lying down or nething.. i was sitting in the kitchen in front of the tv.. man.. good thing i taped it! -=) hehe but yea.. hm.. today at school it was ok.. in english we worked on our project (in my group it's me, this girl sybil, and this guy jaimie).. and then jaimie never does nething! so then sybil was getting mad.. and telling him that if we get a good grade he doesn't deserve it.. so yea.. and then the teacher was going around the class talking about what we have to far.. and then when he came to my group, jaimie was like "can i have my own group? can i work by myself?" but yea.. i felt bad.. but he really didn't do nething.. haha it seems like we kicked him out of our group.. i guess it's for the better. but yea.. in chemistry we took a test.. it was ok.. the only thing i didn't know was on the written part.. and it was asking for the definition of chemistry.. i was thinking about putting the study of chemicals.. haha but then i know that wasn't right.. i was something else.. he told us in the beginning of the semester but i forgot it already. o well. yea.. and then in foods we made chili.. it was pretty good.. and then the next period was PE and we did the pacer test thingy.. ahh it was so tiring! haha i got 31! woo hoo.. i think it's my highest.. last year i got like 20 something i think.. whoa it's so hard to breathe when i run.. i was breathing through my mouth (are u supposed to breathe through ur nose or mouth?) and then my throat was getting cold and hurting.. ahh it sucked.. but yea.. at least i wasn't the first to get out! -=) and then afterschool i needed to buy one of those tri-fold poster board thingys.. but ionno where to get it from, so we stopped by kmart since it was on the way home.. and it wasn't there.. and then we went to target.. and it wasn't there.. so i don't have it yet.. and later we're gonna go by office max or office depot or something.. it better be there! and i wanna get new mechanical pencils.. cuz my eraser ran out! and i just wanna new pencil.. hehe maybe i'll buy an eraser refill thingy too.. ahh there's a really short piece of eraser.. and it's stuck! ahh.. ionno how it's gonna come out.. there's a way.. somehow.. and then after that i might go get bubble shake again.. i need to stop spending money.. o0o and then i'm gonna watch smallville! since i fell asleep yesterday

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