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02/06/2003 Entry: "school :: sore legs :: golf mill :: grandpa molester :: nhu's back"

i'm so bored!.. my legs are so sore from yesterday.. haha the pacer test.. i'm really out of shape! ahh it hurts! but yea.. hm.. nothing really happened in school.. or well nothing interesting.. we were reviewing in math cuz there's a test 2mro.. and i fell asleep and i sit in the front row! haha but then again.. it happens practically everyday.. hm.. afterschool, gave natalie a ride home.. when i got home i watched smallville finally! haha.. o0o lana and clark should just go out!! but yea.. there's always something that's keeping them apart.. blah.. then after that i fell asleep on the couch for a couple hours.. woke up around 6pm when natalie called.. we went to golf mill, walked around, played ddr.. haha. hahahaha.. there was this old guy, he was prolly like 80 years old or something.. and he was using a walker and stuff.. and then he was looking at us, and i thought he would be one of those nice grandpas.. but then he's like "hey baby.." hahahahahaha.. haha GRANDPA MOLESTER! eww sick! i'm craving a bubble shake! ahh i need money.. i have $15 and it's getting less and less.. i need a job.. 2mro we're prolly going to woodfield, haha try on dresses.. that's always fun.. o0o forever 21 (xxi)! haha look at what i wish i could buy.. haha maybe i'll get them next time.. but yea.. ionno.. o0o bowling sounds fun! (right matt?) but yea.. yay! it's almost friday! finally! school sucks.. aww i have an english project due monday.. and we haven't really worked on it.. i mean we have a whole buncha stuff to get the information from.. but yea, we haven't put it on the poster or nething.. ahh i hope we get to work on it in class 2mro! hm.. maybe i should be finding some charts/graphs or something.. but i'm too lazy too.. haha i will newayz.. oOo nhu's back in chicago!! i haven't seen her since october or something.. sucha long time.. ok i think i should work on my project now

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