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02/10/2003 Entry: "woodfield :: gameworks"

o0o i finally finished my disposable yesterday! where's a good place to develope pictures?

saturday, february 8, 2003 went to woodfield from like 2-4pm.. with natalie, haha.. it took us forever to find parking.. and we walked around, tried on dresses and stuff.. and then we left to go to the streets of woodfield.. and we ate quizno's.. then went to gameworks. and used a free hour coupon thingy.. we played bball, ddr and stuff.. haha there were these kids hogging up the ddr and yea.. and then we left to go back to woodfield.. and then we went to marshall field's and got makeovers from benefit (haha the lady was talking to us.. it was fun.. she was telling us her highschool and college stories.. and joking around.. it was funny) and free samples and stuff from prescriptives (liquid eyeliner, moisturizer, and lipstick), and chanel (perfume).. and i think that's it.. and then we left and went to steak & shake cuz i had coupons that expired that day.. and we saw susan.. and she was talking to us and stuff, even though she wasn't our waitress.. and then we left there around 11pm.. and went to my house and natalie had to go home.

i Y greymatter