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02/10/2003 Entry: "mom's job :: dad - basement"

hm.. i dunno why i'm awake right now.. it's 1:15am.. i still feel really awake.. maybe cuz i took a nap earlier from like 8-10pm.. but yea.. it's weird cuz my mom's not home right now.. she got a job that's night shift.. so yea.. she's working from 10pm-8am.. it's some nursing home thing.. so she just has to watch somebody.. i wonder how it goes, tonight's her first day and it's her first time working nights. ahh it sucks staying here with my dad.. earlier he put my lil brother (michael - 3 years old) in the basement and left him there, just cuz he wouldn't take his medicine.. and so michael was there crying and crying for like a half hour.. and then my mom told me to take him upstairs to her, so i did.. and when i came back down my dad started yelling at me.. and saying i should leave, and not live here.. and all this stuff.. ahh! i hate him! i never talk to him.. and if i do, it's just yelling.. a lot of times i wish my mom would divorce him already..

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