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02/17/2003 Entry: "valentine's day weekend"

monday, february 17, 2003 happy presidents day whoa did u hear about that nightclub thing.. 21 people died.. whoa scary! and it was cuz there was a fight on the 2nd floor and so security sprayed mace or pepper spray or something.. and then everybody started choking, and so they were running to the exits and got stuck.. and people got trampled.. scary.. hm.. yea, stayed ate erickson's.. haha we played bubble trouble again.. it was fun, hm.. and then him and danielle left.. so i stayed there by myself for like a half hour.. and then ate emē came back from school, and then uncle errol came.. we picked up ate erika from harlem cta station, and then we picked up some wendy's.. (o0o i got a sour cream and chive baked potato and something else.. i forgot..) but yea.. hm.. then went back to their house to eat it.. stayed there for a while, and then ate erika dropped me off around 7pm.. when i got home i took a bubble bath.. hehe those are fun. and then took a shower afterwards.. and watched some of barbershop

sunday, february 16, 2003 hm.. i forgot happened this day.. i think we just bummed, played monkey lander and bubble trouble with ate erika. haha addicting.. woo! we reached level 7 or 8 on bubble trouble! haha.. slept over again

saturday, february 15, 2003 hm.. went to erickson's house. erickson and his friends were gonna pick me up and bring me with them to gameworks and woodfield or wherever.. but yea.. ionno, didn't. o well. so yea, did some homework and watched shanghai knights with ate erika and allen at streets of woodfield. it was a good movie. then slept over..

friday, february 14, 2003 o0o i ended up sleeping on the couch for valentine's day! haha fun.. -=P

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