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02/17/2003 Entry: "pictures"

here's some of the pictures that i got developed last wednesday (february 12, 2003):

some of the pictures got messed up while scanning.. so yea haha they look like this:

the first pic (with nhu, me, sheela, and amy) was taken october 19, 2002 when they stopped by my house when they were planning on going to maine east's homecoming.. and then the rest were taken february 8 and 9, 2003.. trying on dresses are fun! haha.. ionno how to stand in the pictures though.. aww something's wrong with my scanner so i can't re-scan them.. ionno it was working earlier.. and now it's saying that the scanner isn't connected.. but i didn't change nething.. i checked if it's plugged into the socket.. and into the computer.. and yea.. it is.. but ionno, anyone know what to do?

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