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02/19/2003 Entry: "sam's club :: smallville :: 1992 pictures"

another day at school.. it sucked at usual. i think we're starting swimming next week or in 2 weeks.. hopefully it's in 2 weeks. ahh! i need to get a bathing suit still. haha mine shrunk from last year. but yea.. afterschool went to sam's club with my mom and then i was gonna go get some popcorn shrimp and my mom went somewhere else.. and then this guy starts following me.. ahh i was scared! haha.. he was like 25 or 30 years old or ionno, i didn't get a good look (maybe he was younger..) but i don't think he was in his teens.. and he was like "hey wussup girl?" and ahh! hahaha i was so SCARED! haha could be like that one 90 year old molester.. hahaha. so yea i just kept walking and he just kept trying to talk to me and then he finally turned into one of the aisles.. haha. but yea.. hm.. so o0o we got double baked potatoes, popcorn shrimp, and freshetta pizza! mMmm.. and then we went home, ate a double baked potato, watched tv.. and then fell asleep on the couch. (like usual).. and then i was just planning on taking a 15 minute nap.. (4:15-4:30pm) and then i just kept sleeping.. and then i woke up and it was 8:00pm exact. haha when i saw the time i got up and ran to the kitchen tv.. aww i missed the very beginning of smallville (b4 the intro thingy) aww.. but yea it was a good episode.. ahh "killer mold!" whoa, that's scary.. but yea.. i missed gilmore girls though -=/. maybe they'll show it again sometime.. o0o i figured out how to use my scanner without the paperport program! mwahahaha.. hehe ate erika wanted me to scan a halloween picture.. and then i found a whole buncha other pictures.. aww the memories:

erickson . sheela . me . ate erika
feb '92 - aww holding hands.. erickson has his mullet hair cut.. and a tail (but u can't see it in this pic)

sheela . me
feb '92 - girly girls

sheela . me. uncle edwin
feb '92 - painting nails is fun

may '92 - say cheese! like the flat clips in my hair?? hahaha

peacock . me
may '92 - oOo pretty peacock

(front to back) bong . erickson . sheela . me
aug '92 - shannon's christening party

me . sheela . erickson
aug '92 - the 3 cousins

me . erickson . bong . sheela
sept '92 - fishing trip.. karate!

ate erika . me . sheela . erickson
oct '92 - haha can u see ate erika? (she's the one dressed like a bum.. hehe)

(top) sheela . me . tita ella . bong
(bottom) ate erika . erickson . and some baby i dunno
oct '92 - halloween

i Y greymatter