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02/21/2003 Entry: "mom's weird convos :: new aa layout"

tita meng is over. and she and my mom eating in the kitchen.. and they're talking about the weirdest things! hahaha i heard my mom say something about erection.. and then she was telling this story about some lady at her nursing class about faxing but since that lady couldn't pronounce the "x" it sounded like fuck.. and yea.. hahahaha my mom never swears.. eww she talks about some weird stuff when she thinks i'm not listening.. and my cousin christine is over and she's eating at the kitchen table with them.. and she's like 10. haha bad influences.. lalala so school was boring like usual. i fell asleep in history for the 3rd time this week.. and i only went to school 3 days this week! hahaha.. but yea.. i'm so bored, i have nothing to do.. lalala. whoa i say that a lot now "lalala" hehe. and then i had a spanish quiz/test thingy.. and yea i think i did bad, ahh! school sucks.. i've been going downhill since this year. this hasn't been a good year, i'm broke, not really trying in school.. and yea.. haha

february 20, 2003 NEW LAYOUT! on my asianavenue page http://www.asianavenue.com/Members/Me/personalpage.html?MEMBER=LvBabyblue. lalala. didn't go to school today. hehe didn't feel like it, and since we don't have to do a lab or nething that i would have to make up later.. i didn't go! woo.. i woke up at like 3pm but yea. hm.. i wanna go to target or something, i need to get a new compact thingy, cuz i broke mine.. ahh we're starting swimming in 2 weeks for PE.. good thing it's not next week, uh o i hope i don't get my period then (sorry if it's too much info) haha. but yea. i'm bored.. maybe i'll put up a new layout for my other page too http://ooolala.whisperslip.nu haha i'm gonna use the one i made for my asianavenue.. just change some stuff. ate erika and uncle eric stopped by my house earlier.. and stayed from like 4pm-6pm or something like that. yea they came and ate here and picked up something.

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