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04/02/2003 Entry: "nw volleyball game and bum :: 6 fishy face"

go make my fishy faces
and make rachelle's trend and nhu's sign!

wednesday, april 2, 2003 early dismissal today hm.. school sucked as usual.. i didn't fell like coming.. but yea, had to cuz i wasn't sick or nething (and i didn't wanna miss anymore days in swimming cuz then i'd be getting a D unless i make it up).. haha i dressed bummy.. it looks like what i wore to sleep but it's not.. comfy pants and a sweatshirt hehe. i fell asleep in history and math haha i couldn't help it! and the teachers didn't say anything.. we started trigonometry in math (the other days were just review) um.. in PE i didn't really do anything.. haha good thing i'm a minnow cuz the other people had to do a 10 minute or lap swim or something.. hehe. but yea.. hm.. then afterschool i had to stay and practice for our shakespeare play thingy.. ahh! we're performing it 2mro.. hahaha. i dunno what i'm supposed to wear.. what do i wear to look like a guy? haha cuz me and this girl are playing guy roles (our whole group is girls) and yea.. haha the guy parts don't have a lot to say haha so yea that's why we picked it. happy belated congratulations to tita joanne! she's pregnant! and we think it's gonna be a boy cuz lauren has a tail (like when she puts her hair up and by the back of her neck there's hair that looks like a tail)

oOo i got 6 more fishy face pictures.. from eric, michelle, man, teody, elaine, and angel

tuesday, april 1, 2003 went to school like usual.. had to stay afterschool to make up a spanish quiz.. ahh i hope i passed it! haha i'm doing so bad in that class.. and yea.. but it won't count for quarter cuz they already turned in the grades.. and we're starting from new.. so yea.. hm.. then afterwards took the bus home. saw jenny, she was taking the bus too.. whoa i never see her nemore! stopped at 7-11 before getting on the bus.. oOo that new 7-11 they built across the street from school is useful.. hehe i got gum and candy.. Mmmm oOo i chewed gum for the first time in like a week! hahaha cuz i thought it would get stuck to the ring or something.. so yea.. lalala. hm. when i got home i got ready and dried and straighted my hair since it was all yucky and wavy from swimming.. and then joyful came and picked me up around 4:30pm with alison. we headed to my school (maine west) to watch the boy's volleyball game against niles west. um.. saw andrew, sean, and elliott on that team. laurice met up with us at the school.. um.. for the sophmore games maine west won both.. and then for the varsity team niles west won both.. after the game everyone wanted to eat so we went to niles west since they had to go on the bus back to there.. and then we met up with them there. um.. joyful let josh drive and we drove by elliott's house to decide where to eat. (joyful's car, laurice's car, and sean's car). haha we were in front of his house all the cars right next to eachother with the window open.. it was me, joyful, alison, josh, sean, andrew, randy, laurice, and elliott. we ended up going to wendy's and i only had $2 so i bought 2 chicken nuggets.. but andrew wanted to buy me food haha and i said i didn't want any.. but yea he still bought me a jr bacon cheeseburger.. and i ate it neways. haha. um.. then we left around 8:30pm from wendy's and joyful dropped me off at home.. and when i got home i called natalie to ask if she still had her lab write-up from when she was in chem but she didn't.. and when i went up to my room i was so tired.. haha i fell asleep on the floor when i was doing my homework! ahh. but yea.. i got my chemistry lab write-up thingy over with, my history homework too, and some of my promptbook for the shakespeare play in english.. i was gonna do my math and spanish homework but got lazy and practically asleep. so yea i got ready for bed and changed and everything and then when i was lying down trying to go to sleep i couldn't! i felt so awake so i watched my big fat greek wedding haha windex.. and then i ended up falling asleep at 2am. my sleeping schedule is messed up.. yay! i got to chill with everyone. haha joy, i see u checking out that guy (tony) hehehe. -=P hehe we should chill again.. call me up whenever. lalala.

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