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04/13/2003 Entry: "party"

saturday, april 12, 2003 woke up at 6pm today.. whoa! had a 15 hour sleep!? yea.. my mom came in to wake me up.. and i thought it was like 10am.. and i said the party isn't till 6pm so i didn't wanna get up yet.. and she was like "it is 6" and ahh yea.. had a family party at my house.. everyone just left a lil while ago.. um.. yea.. found out my tita ning² got engaged to gary.. (he asked her yesterday) so yea.. i can't wait till the wedding! hahahha we're gonna do some DRINKING! haha.. whoa me and sheela were talking about a wedding yesterday.. we wanted one to happen soon.. hehe and yea.. tita ning² was showing us her ring and stuff.. um.. played some card games (egyption ratscrew/slaps, food game, and spoons) haha it was fun.. so loud! so much screaming! hehehe.. and yea.. did some fortune telling card games.. oOo sheela that would be fun if it came true!! hahaha. yea.. and we took some webcam pictures.

kissy face.. me, shannon, sheela, christine, ate erika, and lauren

me, ate erika, sheela

pen face.. me, sheela, ate erika

silly face.. me, sheela, shannon, christine, ate erika (haha doing a normal pose), and lauren

friday, april 11, 2003 elvin and kriska came and picked up me and sheela at my house around 7pm-ish and we went to peter's house and chilled there for a while.. met some new people.. um.. na, kathy, dung, gil, and amor. yea.. we played slaps and pusoy dos.. then we went to pj and vianney's bday party at a hotel thingy.. i saw paul, arnold, sarah jane, um.. miguel, jomar, his girlfriend, tessie, ate erika, mike magdongon, and other people.., ionno.. people.. it was fun.. mMmm alcohol... (hahaha nhu! ALCOHOLISM!!!) haha.. but yea.. um.. i had um.. 2 mike's hard cranberry lemonade thingys.. and some coke i spiked.. mMmmm haha that was fun.. don't worry i wasn't drunk.. haha. whoa after those first two drinks.. i needed to go pee so bad! and then there were people throwing up ewww.. but then they got outta the washroom.. and yea, hahaha i took like a 2 minute pee. haha i couldn't sit on the toilet.. the world was crooked.. haha i was stumbling and then i finally sat down! haha. eww there was throw up in the bathtub and on the side of it.. yuck.. i didn't get messed up like that.. haha arnold was funny.. whoa he was yea.. going crazy. and mike magdongon was funny too. haha he had a cheeseburger or something and i wanted a bite of it.. and he was like: "you wanna bite of this (pointing at the sandwich) or this (pointing at his down there area..)" hahaha but yea.. um.. then we left around 12ish.. whoa my mom didn't even call to check up on me.. that was kinna weird. but yea.. right b4 we left.. sarah jane came.. yay! i got a picture with na and sarah jane. elvin dropped off me and sheela at my house.. and he then he went and dropped off austin and vina (ionno if they're spelled right..) and kriska.. yea.. the end.. then got home.. changed watched tv.. sheela's sleeping over. talked on the phone. haha sheela called man and mike magdongon sexy.. jk

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eeee! your site is soooo awesomely awesomeeeee!!!!!!!! lol i love it!!~! =DDDDDDDDDDd


Posted by Nhay @ 05/15/2003 06:33 PM CST

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