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05/20/2003 Entry: "survey"

felt like taking a survey.. so here it goes.. i'll write about the past couple days later.. cuz right now i'm tired and i'm prolly gonna go take a nap..

from eileen's xanga
// series one
---> Name: katrina
---> Birth date: july 12, 1987
---> Birthplace: illinois
---> Current Location: illinois
---> Eye Color: brown
---> Hair Color: blackish
---> Righty or Lefty: righty
---> Zodiac Sign: cancer
---> Innie or Outtie: outie

// series two - describe
---> Your heritage: filipino
---> The shoes you wore today: white shoes
---> Your hair: blackish, down, straight, past my shoulders
---> Your eyes: tbrown
---> Your weakness: i dunno
---> Your fears: spiders, sharks, snakes, death
---> Your perfect pizza: extra cheese and sausage
---> One thing you'd like to achieve: live life to the fullest

// series three - what is
---> Your most overused phrase on aol\aim: hehe
---> Your thoughts first waking up: ahh i don't wanna go to school..
---> The first feature you notice in the opposite (or same) sex: eyes
---> Your best physical features: nothing
---> Your usual bedtime: um.. 12-ish or later?
---> Your greatest accomplishment: i dunno
---> Your best memory: i dunno

// series four - do you
---> Smoke: eww no
---> Cuss: nope
---> Sing well: haha no
---> Take a shower everyday: yup
---> Want to go to college: yea
---> Like high school: nope school sucks
---> Want to get married: yea
---> Type with your fingers on the right keys: prolly not
---> Believe in yourself: nope
---> Get motion sickness: in the car
---> Think you're attractive: nope.. sarah jane's the pretty twin!
---> Think you're a health freak: ehh nope
---> Like thunderstorms: eeek scary!
---> Play an instrument:nope

// series five - did/have you
---> Drank alcohol: yea.. craving some today in school.. eek.. haven't had any though O=)
---> Smoke(d): ewww nope
---> Done a drug: yuck nope
---> Made Out: nope
---> Gone on a date: nope
---> Gone to the mall?: haha yea
---> Been on stage: yup
---> Been dumped: nope
---> Gone skating: oOo yea.. it's fun! i wanna go again.. o man my legs hurt afterwards though
---> Made homemade cookies: yup.. mMmm i wanna go bake now.. hehe
---> Been in love: nope
---> Gone skinny dipping: nope
---> Dyed your hair: yup.. trying to grow it out natural now. cuz i haven't had it natural since 4th grade
---> Stolen anything: ehh yea..

// series six - have you ever?
---> Played a game that required removal of clothing?: i think so.. haha prolly just took off a sock
---> If so, was it mixed company: i think?
---> Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: nope
---> Been caught "doing something": nope
---> Been called a tease: i dunno? don't think so
---> Shoplifted: yea..
---> If so, did you get caught: nope
---> Changed who you were to fit in: nope that's dumb..

// series seven - the future
---> Age you hope to be married: by 25
---> Numbers and Names of Children: 2 kids.. a boy and a girl.. i dunno the names..
---> Describe your Dream Wedding: i dunno.. one of thoes weddings that u would see in movies
---> What age do you want to die: eek i dunno.. when i'm old.. like really old
---> What country would you most like to visit: france, italy, philippines

---> Current Clothes: jeans and tweety sweatshirt
---> Current Mood: ehh.. bored, tired
---> Current Taste: craving some hooter's buffalo wings.. mMmm with mike's hard lemonade.. eeek
---> Current Hair: down and behind my ears
---> Current Annoyance: my neck-ache.. oww! ionno why.. but it's hurting.. i can't tilt it to the left.. -=/
---> Current Smell: nothing
---> Current thing you ought to be doing: doing my homework.. or cleaning my room.. but i'm prolly gonna take a nap after this. haha
---> Current Desktop Picture: orange m&m
---> Current Favorite bands: i dunno
---> Current Book: nothing.. just finished baggage by emily barr.. (or well i didn't really finish it.. i have like 10 pages left.. but i already turned the journal entries for it today.. so there's no point in finishing it.. haha i'm too lazy to)
---> Current DVD In Player: prolly fast and the furious or legally blonde
---> Current Worry: grades.. eek math sucks! trig sucks.. i wanna go back to geometry
---> Current Crush: ehh ionno.. i'm not sure

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