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06/01/2003 Entry: "chilling with the maine east people"

saturday, may 31, 2003
- woke up around 2:30pm
- took a shower and stuff
- talked on the phone to sheela, elinore, melissa, and stacey
- melissa picked me up around 5pm or 6pm-ish
- picked up mcdonald's
- went to dung's (dung, kathy, jitin, aaron, neff and eric were there)
- chilled there for like 2 hours.. just watching tv
- then went to barnes and noble at OO. (to meet up loisa, na, geneveve, jamie, and vianney... yay! i finally saw loisa and geneveve! it's been like 2 months!)
- aaron had to go home.. and melissa had to meet up with other people so they left..
- went with jitin and kathy
- dropped off kathy at brunswick
- went to jamie's
- chilled, went online, talked to stacey, watched a movie..
- then i had to go home.. (sorry for leaving u stacey!) scooby and eddy brought me home

friday, may 30, 2003
- wake up call from franklin
- went home
- get picked up around 8pm by scooby and arnold
- went to peter w's.. the usual maine east people were there
- watched scary movie
- went to amc randhurst and watched bruce almighty
- ate at denny's
- stopped by peter w's and people switched cars
- got dropped off home

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