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06/24/2003 Entry: "chilled with josh and elliott :: 90 degree day"

18 days till my 16th birthday!

today - bored outta my mind.. ahh it's so hot outside! 93 degrees.. eek.. yay! swimming at lauren's house 2mro. fun. blah.. yay i got my curfew changed to 12am.. hm.. ionno how though.. i didn't say much.. but yea! 12am instead of 10pm on weekdays.. lalala. gonna go pick up something from baskin robbins and run errands with my mom. the end. eeeeek craving some cherry coke! mMmmm

[edit @ 11:05pm]
pn0ywantrice (turtle): im soooooooo booooooooooored
Bluelvr19 (me): meeee toooooooo
pn0ywantrice: entertain me katrina!
pn0ywantrice: haah
Bluelvr19: haha
Bluelvr19: i just crashed into my door.. hope that's entertaining enough
Bluelvr19: haha i ran up the stairs
Bluelvr19: and crashed into my door
pn0ywantrice: muhahaa
Bluelvr19: hahaha i forgot it was locked
Bluelvr19: oOo man
pn0ywantrice: did u think it was open?
pn0ywantrice: muhaah...was it in the dark?
Bluelvr19: nope
Bluelvr19: like i turned the knob
Bluelvr19: and the door didn't move forward with me
Bluelvr19: hahaha
pn0ywantrice: haha hell nah
pn0ywantrice: one time i was lookin for my pencil, and then it was in my ear the whole time
pn0ywantrice: hahaha
Bluelvr19: hahahahaha
Bluelvr19: oOoo a couple days ago i was looking for my glasses and it was on top of my head.
pn0ywantrice: hell nah...thats a classic
Bluelvr19: haha i saw that happen on tv a whole buncha times and thought it was pretty dumb.. but then it happened to me!
Bluelvr19: hahaha
pn0ywantrice: hahah
Bluelvr19: this is going on my xanga..
pn0ywantrice: lol aite
Bluelvr19: haha
pn0ywantrice: =D

oOo here's the pictures from christine's bday party:

christine opening presents michael ramiro and christine - fishy face
whoa lots of pictures!


[edit @ 2:35am]
bored and still online.. not tired yet.. whoa my webcam's messed up haha look!


yesterday - josh and elliott picked me up around 7pm. we went to maine west for this volleyball thing. saw matt.. whoa haven't seen him in a while.. talked to him for a lil bit. went to the other gym and watched niles west play maine west. went back to the first gym.. chilled there.. saw people from my school. lalala. then the volleyball thing ended around 10pm. drove around. went to the park.. haha played on the swings and the playground. then went home

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wow, comment.ness.

Posted by sheela @ 06/24/2003 09:38 PM CST

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