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07/10/2003 Entry: "new friend justin :: survey"

2 days till my 16th birthday! (july 12)

made a new friend.. his name is justin.. and guess what.. he knows sarah jane! hehe ms popular and pretty twin!

Bluelvr19: i think i've seen ur sn b4.. but ionno
Bluelvr19: yea
ll justified ll:  really?
ll justified ll: hmm....
ll justified ll: maybe
ll justified ll: got any pics?
Bluelvr19: do u know sarah jane?
ll justified ll: LOL!
ll justified ll: sarah jane...
ll justified ll: thats my sister
Bluelvr19: haha
Bluelvr19: sarah jane legaspi?!
Bluelvr19: she's my twin!
ll justified ll: yeah
ll justified ll: LMAO!
Bluelvr19: haha
ll justified ll: small fuckin world...
ll justified ll: everyone knows her...
Bluelvr19: haha yea
Bluelvr19: she's ms popular
ll justified ll: for real!
ll justified ll: shoooot
Bluelvr19: and my pretty twin
ll justified ll: people be at her place like 24/7
Bluelvr19: haha
Bluelvr19: yea i know!
Bluelvr19: i was there yesterday

oOo he made me a fishy face.. kinda

First grade teacher's name: Mrs. Griffin :-( RIP
Last word you said: "ok"
Last song you sang: prolly in the shower..
Last person you hugged: don't remember
Last thing you laughed at: convo with justin.. "open wide!" eek scared to go to the dentist and let them see my tongue ring! =x

Last time you said 'I love you': i dunno 
Last time you cried: last week? a couple days ago?
What's in your CD player: some burnt cds
What color socks are you wearing: white
What's under your bed: a whole buncha junk eek
What time did you wake up today: 3:30pm

Current taste: mike's hard lemonade
Current hair: brownish
Current clothes: shirt and shorts
Current annoyance: boredom
Current longing: shopping!
Current desktop picture: kristin kreuk on this comp and m&ms on the other
Current worry: time i'm gonna wake up
Current favorite article of clothing: i dunno

Last CD that you bought: don't remember
Favorite place to be: anywhere but home
Least favorite place: home being bored
Time you wake up in the morning: haha after 12pm.. around 3pm-ish since there's no school
If you could play an instrument, what would it be: drums!
Favorite color: pink :-P

Do you believe in an afterlife: i guess
How tall are you: 5'1 or 5'2
Current favorite word/saying: hehe, i guess, nerd
Favorite book: lucky by alice sebold, and a child called it by david pelzer
Favorite season: winter when it's not toooo cold but there's snow to play in, and summer without the bugs haha
One person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to: ionno.. aww i miss my old school friends!
Favorite day: friday, saturday, any day there's no school.. so everyday right now.. hehe

Where do you want to go: mall of america and cedar point! roadtrip!
What is your career going to be like: i have no idea
How many kids do you want: i dunno
What kind of car do you have: i need a car
Type a line you remember from any book: ionno
A random lyric: i dunno
Identify some things surrounding your computer: webcam, cell, pen, white out, dr pepper can
What's up: nothing

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