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April 13, 2003

saturday, april 12, 2003 woke up at 6pm today.. whoa! had a 15 hour sleep!? yea.. my mom came in to wake me up.. and i thought it was like 10am.. and i said the party isn't till 6pm so i didn't wanna get up yet.. and she was like "it is 6" and ahh yea.. had a family party at my house.. everyone just left a lil while ago.. um.. yea.. found out my tita ning² got engaged to gary.. (he asked her yesterday) so yea.. i can't wait till the wedding! hahahha we're gonna do some DRINKING! haha.. whoa me and sheela were talking about a wedding yesterday.. we wanted one to happen soon.. hehe and yea.. tita ning² was showing us her ring and stuff.. um.. played some card games (egyption ratscrew/slaps, food game, and spoons) haha it was fun.. so loud! so much screaming! hehehe.. and yea.. did some fortune telling card games.. oOo sheela that would be fun if it came true!! hahaha. yea.. and we took some webcam pictures.

kissy face.. me, shannon, sheela, christine, ate erika, and lauren

me, ate erika, sheela

pen face.. me, sheela, ate erika

silly face.. me, sheela, shannon, christine, ate erika (haha doing a normal pose), and lauren

friday, april 11, 2003 elvin and kriska came and picked up me and sheela at my house around 7pm-ish and we went to peter's house and chilled there for a while.. met some new people.. um.. na, kathy, dung, gil, and amor. yea.. we played slaps and pusoy dos.. then we went to pj and vianney's bday party at a hotel thingy.. i saw paul, arnold, sarah jane, um.. miguel, jomar, his girlfriend, tessie, ate erika, mike magdongon, and other people.., ionno.. people.. it was fun.. mMmm alcohol... (hahaha nhu! ALCOHOLISM!!!) haha.. but yea.. um.. i had um.. 2 mike's hard cranberry lemonade thingys.. and some coke i spiked.. mMmmm haha that was fun.. don't worry i wasn't drunk.. haha. whoa after those first two drinks.. i needed to go pee so bad! and then there were people throwing up ewww.. but then they got outta the washroom.. and yea, hahaha i took like a 2 minute pee. haha i couldn't sit on the toilet.. the world was crooked.. haha i was stumbling and then i finally sat down! haha. eww there was throw up in the bathtub and on the side of it.. yuck.. i didn't get messed up like that.. haha arnold was funny.. whoa he was yea.. going crazy. and mike magdongon was funny too. haha he had a cheeseburger or something and i wanted a bite of it.. and he was like: "you wanna bite of this (pointing at the sandwich) or this (pointing at his down there area..)" hahaha but yea.. um.. then we left around 12ish.. whoa my mom didn't even call to check up on me.. that was kinna weird. but yea.. right b4 we left.. sarah jane came.. yay! i got a picture with na and sarah jane. elvin dropped off me and sheela at my house.. and he then he went and dropped off austin and vina (ionno if they're spelled right..) and kriska.. yea.. the end.. then got home.. changed watched tv.. sheela's sleeping over. talked on the phone. haha sheela called man and mike magdongon sexy.. jk

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April 7, 2003

sunday, april 6, 2003 today woke up at 4:30pm i thought it was only 3:30pm though.. so yea i checked the caller ID and it said tita meng called at 3:59pm and i was thinking "it's not even 3:59pm yet! it must've been from yesterday" but then i checked the date and it said today's date.. and when i went downstairs it said 4:30pm on the clock and when i looked at the calendar it said today was daylight savings time! aww we lost an hour! so yea then i went online and still am but yea.. ahh i prolly should be doing my homework and laundry.. but i'm too lazy to. yea.. whoa it's so quiet and peaceful here cuz i'm home alone! cuz my family went to sheela's house and to tita emmy's house.. but i was too lazy to wake up and get ready so i didn't go..

got a fishy face picture from lan and a group one from anne

andrew, teody, angel, and joyful made profiles on my cell.. i have one more spot left (discreet) tell me if u want it! 1st come first serve! man got the spot. haha

andrew picked custom

teody picked loud

angel picked silent

joyful picked custom

man picked discreet

joyful is my giggling buddy! she's in the blue and i'm in the red

jOyFuLfOb4o9: lol siLLy girL always giggling
jOyFuLfOb4o9: i thought i giggled a lot too
Bluelvr19: haha i can't help it
jOyFuLfOb4o9: wait...minus the too
jOyFuLfOb4o9: hahaha
Bluelvr19: haha u do to!
Bluelvr19: woo we giggle a lot together
Bluelvr19: hehe
jOyFuLfOb4o9: oOoo katrina's my giggLing buDdy!
jOyFuLfOb4o9: hahaa
Bluelvr19: hehehe yay!
Bluelvr19: i think i'm putting that on my xanga too!
jOyFuLfOb4o9: hahaha
jOyFuLfOb4o9: scOre
Bluelvr19: hehe

filled out a survey from kc's xanga

hair: blackish
eyes: dark bown
height: 5'0 - 5'1
weight: light

clothing: comfy
make up: yea.. eww i feel weird if i don't have it 
body art: piercings only.. i wanna tattoo!

wearing: pants with angel on the butt.. and my "button your fly" sweatshirt
listening: nothing

club or houseparty: houseparty
tea or coffee: coffee.. but tea when i have a sore throat
beer or cider: cider even though i never tasted it.. beer is yucky
drinks or shots: drinks
cats or dogs: dogs.. even though they're scary
single or taken: single
pen or pencil: pen.. oOo how about my red pen/black pen/pencil all in one!
gloves or mittens: gloves
food or candy: both
coke or pepsi: pepsi
hard or mild alcohol: either
matches or a lighter: lighters
Rickie lake or Oprah Winfrey: oprah winfrey

kill: no one
get touched by: justin timberlake
hear from: ionno anybody.. call! ahh i'm bored
get really wasted with: um.. ionno? hahaha
tickle: ionno.. someone that's ticklish
look like: kristen kreuk

touched: um.. i dunno? don't remember.. it was doing that cheek to cheek thingy prolly
talked to: kuya eric
hugged: coach adams
instant messaged: man
kissed: kissed people on that cheek to cheek thingy
who broke your heart: nobody

eat: anywhere
dance: anywhere
cry: in my room
wish you were: anywhere but here at home

Dated one of your best friends: nope
Loved somebody so much it makes you cry: nope
Done drugs: nope
Broken the law: yea
Ran away from home: almost
Broken a bone: nope
Cheated on a test: yea
Skinny dipped: nope
Played Truth Or Dare: yea
Flashed someone: nope
Mooned Someone: nope hahaha
Kissed someone you didn't know: doing the cheek to cheek thingy
Been on a talk show/Game show: nope that would be fun and scary!
Been in a fight: yea
Ridden in a fire truck: nope.. i went in one though 
Been on a plane:yup
Come close to dying: almost.. ahh scary
Cheated on your Boy/Girlfriend: nope
Gave someone a piggy back/shoulder ride: nope.. haha close. i'm too small though
Eaten a worm/mud pie: nope
Kissed Someone: nope
Swam in the ocean: yea that was scary.. i was drifting away
Had a nightmare/dream that made you wake up: i think so.. i know i had a nightmare but ionno if it made me wake up.. i had those falling ones. hahaha that woke me up

Current Clothes: same as earlier
Current Mood: good i guess.. ahh i'm not looking forward to school 2mro
Current Music: nothing
Current Taste: ionno.. food! i'm hungry i'm gonna eat after this
Current Hair: down and behind my ears
Current Annoyance: my dad.. ahh he's watching everything i do
Current Smell: nothing
Current thing I ought to be doing: homework
Current Desktop Picture: orange m&ms.. like the one on my asianavenue page
Current Favorite Artist: ionno
Current Favorite Group: ionno
Current Book: reading some book in english.. and reading baggage by emily barr or something like that for my independent reading project
Current CD in CD Player: um.. ionno.. some burnt ones
Current Refreshment: nothing.. i'm thirsty
Current Worry: school.. homework.. grades

Food: filipino, italian, thai.. ionno? FOOD!
Drink: um.. malibu + pineapple + coke = peach! hahaha Mmmm
Color: blue, white, silver, black, red, orange, pink, lavendar
Album: i dunno
Shoes: my silver guess shoes and my glitter shoes!
Candy: m&ms (too bad i gave up chocolate CANDY! hahaha right joy?!) and um.. what's that one candy called? ahh ionno i can't think of it.. but it has chocolate.. nougat.. and some kinda nuts.. peanuts or almonds or something
Movie: she's all that, sweet home alabama, gone in 60 seconds, fast and the furious.. um.. ionno
Song: ionno

Understanding: yea
Open-minded: yea
Arrogant: ionno
Insecure: yea
Paranoid: sometimes
Hungry: yea
Friendly: yea 
Smart: ehh.. not really!
Childish: haha yea sometimes
Independent: not really 
Hard working: sometimes.. depends on if i wanna do it
Organized: ehh not really 
Emotionally Stable: yea
Shy: depends.. sometimes
Difficult: not really 
Attractive: eww no. sarah jane's the pretty twin!
Bored Easily: yea especially in school.. hahaha i always fall asleep unless i'm writing notes and they don't care.. i'm paying attention though! multi-talented 
Messy: not really.. maybe my room..
Responsible: yea
Obsessed: nope
Angry: nope
Happy: ehh.. i guess when i'm not thinking about school and homework and swimming in school!
Trusting: yea
Talkative: sometimes
Legal: nope 
Original: yea
Ignored: ehh sometimes.. 
Reliable: yea
Content: yea
Optimistic: yea.. depends
Deep thinker: ahh it makes my head hurt
Self-disciplined: sure

saturday, april 6, 2003 woke up around 12:30pm.. angel was already awake and online.. haha she was poking my cheek waking me up. um.. yea.. we went online and bummed for a while.. haha and then josh and andrew showed up and we haven't even taken a shower yet! josh took the lazy test and got a 92% lazy whoa! then they went to pick up joyful. um.. yea then angel took a shower while i played video games and then i took a shower when andrew, josh, and joyful came back. yea... then we watched sweet home alabama. um.. man, matt, and this other guy showed up. josh picked up teody and brownie mix with my moolah. we just watched tv, went online, baked brownies, and yea.. ahh! we broke a letter (P) on kyle's laptop eek! yea.. so me and teody were trying to fix it b4 we left.. but angel's dad said it was ok. so yea.. and then later angel and her dad brought me home.. and josh, teody, and andrew brought joyful home. i got home at like 12:04am and then went to my room, changed and watched spy kids 2.. i wanted to go online but my dad was on the comp.. and yea.. so i fell asleep. maybe next time my house can be the chilling spot but yea. haha there's nothing to do over here!

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April 2, 2003

go make my fishy faces
and make rachelle's trend and nhu's sign!

wednesday, april 2, 2003 early dismissal today hm.. school sucked as usual.. i didn't fell like coming.. but yea, had to cuz i wasn't sick or nething (and i didn't wanna miss anymore days in swimming cuz then i'd be getting a D unless i make it up).. haha i dressed bummy.. it looks like what i wore to sleep but it's not.. comfy pants and a sweatshirt hehe. i fell asleep in history and math haha i couldn't help it! and the teachers didn't say anything.. we started trigonometry in math (the other days were just review) um.. in PE i didn't really do anything.. haha good thing i'm a minnow cuz the other people had to do a 10 minute or lap swim or something.. hehe. but yea.. hm.. then afterschool i had to stay and practice for our shakespeare play thingy.. ahh! we're performing it 2mro.. hahaha. i dunno what i'm supposed to wear.. what do i wear to look like a guy? haha cuz me and this girl are playing guy roles (our whole group is girls) and yea.. haha the guy parts don't have a lot to say haha so yea that's why we picked it. happy belated congratulations to tita joanne! she's pregnant! and we think it's gonna be a boy cuz lauren has a tail (like when she puts her hair up and by the back of her neck there's hair that looks like a tail)

oOo i got 6 more fishy face pictures.. from eric, michelle, man, teody, elaine, and angel

tuesday, april 1, 2003 went to school like usual.. had to stay afterschool to make up a spanish quiz.. ahh i hope i passed it! haha i'm doing so bad in that class.. and yea.. but it won't count for quarter cuz they already turned in the grades.. and we're starting from new.. so yea.. hm.. then afterwards took the bus home. saw jenny, she was taking the bus too.. whoa i never see her nemore! stopped at 7-11 before getting on the bus.. oOo that new 7-11 they built across the street from school is useful.. hehe i got gum and candy.. Mmmm oOo i chewed gum for the first time in like a week! hahaha cuz i thought it would get stuck to the ring or something.. so yea.. lalala. hm. when i got home i got ready and dried and straighted my hair since it was all yucky and wavy from swimming.. and then joyful came and picked me up around 4:30pm with alison. we headed to my school (maine west) to watch the boy's volleyball game against niles west. um.. saw andrew, sean, and elliott on that team. laurice met up with us at the school.. um.. for the sophmore games maine west won both.. and then for the varsity team niles west won both.. after the game everyone wanted to eat so we went to niles west since they had to go on the bus back to there.. and then we met up with them there. um.. joyful let josh drive and we drove by elliott's house to decide where to eat. (joyful's car, laurice's car, and sean's car). haha we were in front of his house all the cars right next to eachother with the window open.. it was me, joyful, alison, josh, sean, andrew, randy, laurice, and elliott. we ended up going to wendy's and i only had $2 so i bought 2 chicken nuggets.. but andrew wanted to buy me food haha and i said i didn't want any.. but yea he still bought me a jr bacon cheeseburger.. and i ate it neways. haha. um.. then we left around 8:30pm from wendy's and joyful dropped me off at home.. and when i got home i called natalie to ask if she still had her lab write-up from when she was in chem but she didn't.. and when i went up to my room i was so tired.. haha i fell asleep on the floor when i was doing my homework! ahh. but yea.. i got my chemistry lab write-up thingy over with, my history homework too, and some of my promptbook for the shakespeare play in english.. i was gonna do my math and spanish homework but got lazy and practically asleep. so yea i got ready for bed and changed and everything and then when i was lying down trying to go to sleep i couldn't! i felt so awake so i watched my big fat greek wedding haha windex.. and then i ended up falling asleep at 2am. my sleeping schedule is messed up.. yay! i got to chill with everyone. haha joy, i see u checking out that guy (tony) hehehe. -=P hehe we should chill again.. call me up whenever. lalala.

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