November 5, 2003

today, wednesday, november 5, 2003 - school. woke up at 7:40am and that's the time my first class starts. i was 20 minutes late to school. got into an argument with my mom in the morning.. pretty dumb. hitting me and saying i'm irresponsible because i accidentally slept in. blah. got my homecoming pictures today! afterschool went home and fell asleep on the couch.. aww man i missed smallville!

v XiXNXNXiXE: what was suppose to happen in todays show..?
Bluelvr19: haha ionno what it was about just that it was in 1916 or something
v XiXNXNXiXE: oh yeah
v XiXNXNXiXE: some shit like that
v XiXNXNXiXE: haha
Bluelvr19: haha i saw the last 10 minutes
v XiXNXNXiXE: but he bones lana
Bluelvr19: haha yea
Bluelvr19: hahahahaha
v XiXNXNXiXE: awww thats gay
v XiXNXNXiXE: i always miss when they bonme
v XiXNXNXiXE: bone
v XiXNXNXiXE: haha
Bluelvr19: haha pervert

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noncomformity week

a day at old orchard (barnes & food court)

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November 4, 2003

wow i haven't been on here in the longest. tell me wutchu think of this layout featuring kristin kreuk

tuesday, november 4, 2003 - happy 19th birthday eddie!

monday, november 3, 2003 - nonconformity week for american studies. (dressed as gothic/punk) school. home. work 4pm to 11pm. saw eddie, he was applying for a job. my schedule got changed and now i'm working 4pm to 10:30pm this thursday and friday.. yay! payday friday! :-D

sunday, november 2, 2003 - woke up around 4pm.. eEe wow i haven't slept in in so long! went with laurice to barnes & noble, enc, and back to barnes & noble. home. 7th grade d.r.a.m.a. all over again.. yuck. made this NEW KRISTIN KREUK LAYOUT

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