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Quatre is the type of guy who is really polite. So that is why his attire is always in some form of "suit". It is a very gentleman-like style. This is the clothes he wears for most of the time you see him. It seems comfortable enough... ^_^

Main Attire: ( full pic )

shirt Okay, let's start at the top first. He wears a pink shirt with purplish shades. There is a collar obviously. It's left a little open at the neck so it's more casual looking. There are no indications of buttons whatsoever!! x_x How DOES he hold his shirt together?!?! Ahem... never mind me. The shirt is tucked nicely into his pants.

cuffs The shirt has cuffs at the ends. Well, from the looks of the sleeves, the shirt's quite baggy. Not because of this picture though. XP

vest - front Over the shirt, he wears a mauve coloured vest. It is folded at the top to resemble a sort of collar. It is adequate in length and it just covers the top of the belt a little.

vest - back At the back of the vest there's just a line...? Nothing much...

pants - front He wears a pair of brown slacks (casual trousers). Sometimes, pictures show his pants looking like a yellowish tan colour.

pants - back At the back of the pants, we can see there are two pockets. The front has two pockets also.

rolled up pants? The pant is rolled up at the end. It could be the style or it could be a fold.

belt The pants has 3 rings at least in the front to hold up the belt. The belt itself is black with a siver buckle I assume.

shoes Looking at the feet, Quatre wears a pair of chestnut brown dress shoes. It's pointed at the tip of the shoe. The laces are very dark brown in colour.

socks He wears a pair of socks that match his shirt colour, either pink with purple shades or white. x_x I can't really tell.

Attire 2: ( full pic )

XD This looks so good on him! This is Sanc Kingdom's uniform for boys. ^_^ Quatre wore this during the time when he was at Sanc Kingdom with Heero. I haven't really seen the full view of this so I'll just describe what I see. =P He wears a white shirt underneath with a light blue vest on top of it. It's topped off with a ruffle at the neck. Normally, Quatre wears a black top coat on top of all that. During the first day in Sanc Kindom, Quatre and Heero went fencing. Here is where he took off his top coat for the first time so you can see clearly what was underneath. ^_~ It is assumed that he wears black dress pants with this suit.

Attire 3: ( full pic )

looks cute but still... O_O Is it just me or is Quatre always in a space suit? O_O Half of Endless Waltz he was in that yellowish brown spacesuit. No offence but I don't really like him in any. O_O It doesn't look that good. Basically the colour of the suit just keeps changing but I don't think the style even changed. O_O That's why the black one looks the best! In my opinion it is the most comfortable and stylish too! The circular metal piece at the neck of some space suits is made for the helmet to fit there. :D

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