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[ SPOLIER ] - from the Episode Zero manga
Note: If anything is wrong here, feel free to email. I wrote it from what I remember. So it's not that accurate. XD

When the colonies were first built in space, people had a hard time adapting to the unnatural space environment, especially women. Child bearing was considered dangerous so it was considered illegal activity. As the colonies became more stable in A.C. 100, natural birth was accepted again. Unfortunately for the Winner family, they still had child bearing problems so their children were all test tube babies.

Time passed and it was the year A.C. 180. In the L4 colony, doctors and medical staff surrounded a bed. Quatrine looked up at her husband's face. He told Quatrine that she was the most idiotic person he has ever seen. She had bore him a son, even if she knew it would be the end of her. She just smiled and said, "I wanted to bear your child..." Then she was gone. He looked down on the baby infant crying. He held him and told him that his mother was a proud and strong woman. She really was.

Because of his unique birth, Quatre's father decides not to tell him that his mother died giving birth to him, thus keeping the secret that he was not a test tube baby. So Quatre's father lied telling him he was just like all his sisters, a test tube baby. His father wanted to tell him, but deep inside, he knew he can't. He knew Quatre would grieve so much because of it. He didn't want to see Quatre sad so he just lied about it.

Quatre thought that his father just "gave birth" to him because he needed more helpers with his resources. This caused him to grow up thinking he was not needed. An "unreal" person that could accomplish nothing. Being the Winner family's only boy, he grew up self-centered and often looked down on people. Others thought this was completely normal since he was Master Quatre of the rich Winner family. Rich people were always viewed as having this type of attitude. But in reality, Quatre hated himself. That there was no meaning in his life. That he was just born because of someone's needs.

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