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021 }   anna asuka kinomoto - Mexico - em@il
soy fanatica de quatre, me encanta cuando come, cuando duerme, cuando sonrie, siempre me encanta y es MI NOVIO quedo claro. sayonara

022 }   I love Quatre - Hong Kong - em@il
i remember that my first time watching gundam wing was in 1998. At that time, i liked 5 of boys equal. Recently, I watch GW again and I find that the feeling between Quatre and other four is very difference. Although, Duo is very cute.
Quatre is my dream boy.

023 }   Miekkie - Netherlands - em@il - www
he's so cute! Have you ever looked at those eyes. So beautiful. He's just simply gorgeous. ^-^

024 }   Arise - USA - em@il - www
He's just so adorable! ^_^

025 }   Xee - Canada - em@il - www
He's adorable , and caring ^__^ plusss he has the coolest voice actor~ weee brad swaile X3

026 }   munky - USA - em@il - www
Because his willingness to sacrifice himself for the overall benefit of those he cares for.

027 }   Teriamon - Poland - em@il - www
I like Quatre because he is very gentle and very strong at the same time. He's smart too ^^. And I like his deep eyes ^_^.

028 }   Sage - USA - em@il - www
He's just one of the five gundam pilots that you can't help but like. He is very talented and will fight to help protect the ones that he cares for.

029 }   tessra - England - em@il - www
cuz he's so cute! and sweet! he really is like a desert prince.. he is a desert prince!! he's so friendly!! if i knew him for real he'd be my best friend.. wish he was my boyfriend in fact ^.~..he's just so adorable!! and he can play that lovely instrument...and the way he clutched his heart when heero self detonated and cried..it was soo *Sniff* i cried as well!! ^.^' i just love him!! i'll support him no matter what! he can do it!

030 }   Kira - Philippines - em@il
He's SO KAWAI!!!! and nice not so mean like h-chan and wu-man lol anyway I just love him and tender Aua-eyes lovely

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