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031 }   Beatrix - Italy - em@il - www
1) Play the violin
2) It's too sweet
3) It's LOVELY!!

032 }   Chloe - USA - em@il - www
I think Quatre is the second best character in the Anime/ Manga Gundam Wing. Yes, he does deserve more credit, I mean, how many times have we seen Quatre mess up a mission? Rarely! Kudos to Quatre!

033 }   Stephanie - Netherlands - em@il
Hij is gewoon zo schattig!!!
(He's just so cute!!!)

034 }   Nikki - USA - em@il
I love his gentle and caring personality!

035 }   glitterynile - USA - em@il - www
well i am a big quatre fan, my main reason is because of his inner power and his gentle nature. don't get me wrong- gentle does not equal weak! he has the ability to ban people together and get the job done.

036 }   Bunni - USA - em@il - www
I'd like to see someone is ISN'T in love with my lil blonde bishie! ^-^ He's just so gosh dern adorable, ne? He really just wants to help create peace! Pluuus he's got so a pweety gundam!

037 }   Hisui - USA - em@il - www
AAAAHHH!!!!! Quatre Quatre Quatre!!! I love him!!!! he's such a bishi!!! With his sweet big blue eyes, the wang his bangs hang over his eyes...not to mention Sandrock kicks.

038 }   Shamus - Singapore - em@il - www
He's the ONLY guy who _can_ look good in pink, is reasonable, cheerful, can play the piano, likes tea (^_____^). Not to mention those goggles...

039 }   Chibi Mars - USA - em@il
I love Quatre for so many different reasons. I love him because, I think he's the strongest of the all the guys, I also belive he's the little brain of the group. And most of all I know Quatre has such a wonderful heart and soul. Plus he's really cute!! ~_~

040 }   Suzie Maxwell - Mexico - em@il - www
Because he is a cute and sweet and very handsome pilot of gundam *O* And he likes me xD

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