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Here are some Quatre toys that I adopted from OTHER sites. You will perish in the hands of an angry Misaki (that's ME!!! O_O) if you steal any sprite from this site. They belong to their respective owners. DO NOT STEAL. Adopt by linking it, is fine. ^^
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1) heya! I am tiny-Quatre ^^

2) awwww.... Quatre looks so cute here! Isn't he so polite?

3) Quatre: heya there fellow fans! I know you guys love me.... right?
~ silence ~
Quatre: (sigh...) why do people think Sandrock's even cooler than me??

4) Quatre: *stares with a baby face*

5) Such a cute and sweet chibi Quatre

6) *quietly gives everyone two thumbs-up* ^_^ (my face is so stiff I can't smile)

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