W h y   Q u a t r e ?    

If you ventured in because you are truly interested in why, then get ready for a lengthy explanation. Here's the story.

W H Y   "F O R T I T U D E" ?

Fortitude n.
Strength of mind that allows one to endure pain or adversity with courage.

"Fort" means "strong" in French. (I'm assuming that's how the word is derived XD) I think this word describes Quatre's state of mind very well. He endured the pain of losing his father and I think he has great courage. I know people are just going to argue with me saying that the other pilots were courageous too. But to me, I think Quatre deserves some admiration of the strength of his mind. I mean he is the unofficial leader of the gundam pilots because of his battle tactics. What smartness and courage, to go against the zero system with the bare mind! <3

This shrine was originally named "Quatre Melodies", but changed to Fortitude on 12.06.02 because I thought the name was getting more and more weird, not to mention it doesn't sound that great >_<.

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