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You can always reach me at this email address: (rollover here)
I will get to your email. If not, then something has happened to Hotmail or I'm just too busy. If you wait for me, I will be sure to reply. Just don't know when though ^_^ If not be sure to look at the updates to see if I made a note for you specifically.

NOTE: I think people have noticed for a while that I wasn't responding to fanwork submissions. I got your emails but I am putting all fanwork on hold until the site is all uploaded and corrected. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you want to submit fanwork, media, info, etc through email, please put your name and email in the content. In the subject, be sure to mention the words "Quatre shrine". REMEMBER, I reserve the right to not post your work up if I deem inappropriate. I suggest PG-13.

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