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I took things from here and there. I linked all of them in the links section. Without their help, I never could have finished this site. Thank you for helping. You are all very kind! My site would be nowhere without yours. Please credit Fortitude and respective sites BEFORE using or taking anything from this shrine. DO NOT STEAL!!! I spent numerous hours without sleep working on this shrine. ;_; Plagiarizers are intolerable! x_x

Thank you:
» Gundam Official
» Gundam Project
» Gundam Wing Voice Actors Site
» The GW Archive
» Astro's Gundam Wing Image Gallery
» Operation Meteor
» Gundam Plus
» Epy0n.com
» Heroes are Made
» Gundam Wing Tribute
» Death By Gundam

I thank Sotsu Agency - Sunrise - ANB for creating Gundam Wing and Quatre of course <3. Also, I want to thank Rae of whisperslip.nu for helping me all she can and hosting this site. Great thanks go to Sotsu Agency, Sunrise, and Bandai America, Inc. for the creation of Gundam Wing and Quatre. With lots of love, thank you, thank you, and THANK YOU!!! :D

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